Tuesday, November 4, 2008

KL Bird Park

One week after the KLPF,the Miao, Sleepyhao, Ser, Robin and his boss, Darryl were asking for another outing.This time around, Robin suggests that we shall have a photoshooting session in KL Bird Park and for me,this is very welcoming since I have Sigma 70-300mm tele lens yet I haven't have chance to fully utilize it..muahaha..So,always,as usual,load of photos are coming but I had try to reduce the size of the photo to see is there any different on the loading time..if you think the loading is faster,please let me know and it is much slower..just scream at me will do..

From my observation,there is one species that you can always see around the bird park,which is the peacock!You can see them everywhere,even in the cage together with the ostrich..I think may be the name of the bird park can change a bit..hehe..Since this is quite a rush post as I am running out of time to rush to my working place...so just show you guys few of my humber shots first..shall post all on my later post..
1.The welcoming parrot..first attemp and the brightness of the photo is totally out of control..lol


2.I try to frame the subject by using the grass over the left side..not bad huh..


3.Peacock under the shade of the leave..clever enough..


4.It looks fierce enough compare to the others..


5.Not to forget about the "Bird King"..Eagle..


I think thats all for this moment..hope you guys enjoy..

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QuaChee said...

heya ya they are quite nice photos :)