Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

All right,let's just continue from the previous post since I am not gonna giving some lame excuses for my missing in this few weeks.On the third weekend when I was in Bangkok,my colleagues and also some other friends from Vietname and Philipine are plan to pay a visit to one of the most popular place in Thailand, Pattaya. Most of the people will tell you that if you were in Bangkok and there is a place that you must not miss and that must be the Pattaya. Before I start posting photo of Pattaya,there is a place that we had a stop at and it is a place that very worth to pay a visit.

The famous tourism spot is named Sriracha Tiger Zoo.It is located in the middle between Bangkok and Pattaya.So,if you are going to Pattaya,you will pass by this place for sure.Well,it isn't a ordinary place for tiger only.The most special and attracting point is at there,the tiger can actually stay together with the pig and dog.In this case,they are staying in the same cage under one roof.Other than that,there are a lot of interresting show which involve crocodile,and of course tiger.The number of tigers that appear in the show is really amazing.I bet you will never have a chance to watch such show in Malaysia.So here are some photo that I able to take during the visit to the Sriracha Tiger Zoo.

This is the special thing that I am talking about.The pig is feeding the cub.



Also,you can found crocodile over here.


Opps..not this kind of crocodile..



Also,you can see a lot of crocodile egg over here.



Not to forget the famous Pig Racing..


and lastly the Tiger..


Here is some shot during the Tiger Show,don't worry,it is not those 18SX rated show..




Coming up will be some ice cream photo for you just wait and see ya..


zming said...

I went to this zoo before too!..haha

mollie said...

nice and amazing! =)

Ahmike said...

Hey kimfei, nice update! I have been waiting for your update, nice zoo ya. Hopefully, I can go it some day =)

kimfei said...

@zming, ngam..prove this 1 is the famous spot for tourists..muahaha

@mollie,thanks for the comment..

@ahmike,hi there..sorry for keep you you can worry..