Monday, September 22, 2008

Bangkok ~ Wat Po

Fuhh...missing for another week..still suffer just because the stupid doctor misjudge saying that I got the Chikungunya infection but in fact I am having Zoster or in chinese 生蛇.That kind of pain is really undescribable and yet I have no idea about what is that until I visit the doctor(another doctor) for the second time.The condition of the "snake" is about half round of my body which means from the centre of the chest until the centre of my back. @#$@#$tupid doctor..Therefore I am back to Segamat again to seek for those chinese expert to kill the "snake"..and now I think the "snake" is going to die soon la and thats why I at least have some energy to update my blog after another one week.

This is a continue post from the previos one where after we go to the Wat Phra Kaew,we hired the Tuk Tuk to bring us around that area and the driver is kind enough to brief us some famous spot and bring us to some temple where only local people will pray at.As usual,just let the photo talking is good enough rather than I writing so much rubbish over here...





and this is the main character of this post,the Sleeping Buddha in Wat Po Temple.



her head and feet need to separate into two photo because it is damn long and very hard to capture the whole thing into one picture.



Coming up will be some photo which I took when I am on the way to the AQUA Paradise, the PATTAYA!


Ahmike said...

Very fun man, brother!! Enjoy life!

Anston said...

Wow~ u oso went to Bangkok! So many ppl i know i oso going to Bangkok ler :)

Btw, take k & be patient abit for the sickness.