Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bangkok ~ Wat Phra Kaew ~ The Grand Palace

Sorry for the late update again..this time around, I am not that busy till I didn't update my blog. I am late because I am so sick for the last weekend. I think those from Johor should heard about this virus named Chikungunya which is spread by the mosquito. I don't know should I consider myself as the lucky one or the unlucky one because I got that virus without knowing how I got it. Anyway,I am feeling okay right now and left the rash on my back.

Anyhow,since I am feeling better now and I got to finish my job earlier,hence I am here to continue my Bangkok post. On the first Sunday in Bangkok, me and my colleague plan to pay a visit to those famous tourism spot in Bangkok. Our first station will be the Wat Phra Kaew or generally known as The Grand Palace. It is very easy to find it on the map and you may have variety of choice to get there. The cheapest way to get there will be using the Tuk Tuk or if you not dare,then may be you can just catch a teksi a long the road and tell them the Grand Palace.They should know where you want to go even though they don't understand english.


Here is some snaps at the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. Actually this two place is connected and you will need to buy ticket to access.



We were there during the noon time hence it is not really suitable to take some nice photo as you can see I hardly open my eye.The color of the photo also hard to control.



I think this is famous among the Thai people.



As usual,you can see a lot of tourists here since this is the tourism hotspot.So,this is way impossible to avoid the tourist to be appear in your photo.


As you can see from my snaps,98% of the architecture are gold in color and what I can say is its view really grand if you were there.Just imagine all the building in front of you are made by gold.



Lastly,I would like to share with you my most favourite snaps out of all.


The Buddha status that seated on the gold really show the contrast and impact.Don't you think so??

So,what do you think about the place?Boring har?Hehe..if you think it is boring,then may be you might skip my next post since I will be posting another famous temple in Bangkok name Wat Po or also known as The Sleep Buddha.See ya..

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