Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bangkok ~ Chatuchak Weekend Market

On the first weekend, one of my colleague suggests that we should pay a visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market which is a very famous market among the Thai's. As stated in the title, this is a weekend market which means it will only open during weekend, no other days else. If I tell you that this market is just like a pasar malam in Malaysia, I believe that 10 out of 10 Thai people will going to kill me.

This is because even though it is consider a market place, but anything you can name it,you can find it there and I strongly suggest for those who plan to go there, please plan your time because you will find that it will took around 3 hour plus to "WALK AROUND" and this havent including if you try to bargain to buy something.There is only one word can describe about this market, "BIG" because it contains more than 15 000 shops and stalls.

So,I would just cut the story short by showing some photo which I took at the market place and I really strongly suggest for those who going to visit Bangkok,this is a MUST NOT MISS place.


Taken early in the morning as not much visitor arrive yet..


Plenty of hats along the street..


You can even see Jack Sparrow talk via mobile phone..
or some japanese 80's singer doing performance..


You can find pets over here..anything you name it..fish..chipmonk..cat..anything..



even Husky..and they sell it in cheap price..how I wish I could own one at home..grrhh/


also you could find some exotic food at here..not clear enough??Okay..see next photo..


Basically you can find many of this kind of food in Thailand but don't ever ask me had I try this..the answer is NOPE! I not dare!

Other than that,this is also the place where you can get bulk souvenir for your belove,or friends..and I got this..muahaha...So "yeng" right?



Basically,this is all for the Chatuchak Weekend Market..coming up next will be the living place of some important people in Thailand..till then..


Mei-Wah said...

bangkok bangkok... wow pictures! :) i can't wait to go there this october! ;)

leo said...

wow, no update geh?
i m waiting for ur bangkok post ler..

leo said...
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jijitankyy said...

Chatuchak Weekend Market.
Ok noted.
The Jack Sparrow absolutely make no different..keng.

kimfei said...

@mei-wah,this october going arr??I think shubd be safe to go alread..just becareful when you were there..hehe

@leo,wah..give me some time can??lol

@jijitankyy,haha..tats the great thing,i think he is very famous because you can see him appear in some TV show and newspaper also reporting about his existence..

Crispin said...

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