Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bali ---> Malaysia ---> Bangkok

Finally here is another update,hopefully this time around,I shall update more often since I already pass my confirmation presentation..*Pray hard to pass the probation period*

Actually,nothing special about recent me but two months ago,one week after I start my first ever job,I had been sent by the company to undergo a one month training in Bangkok.Don't worry,now I am in Malaysia but please pray for my friend who just go there for training 1 week ago.So, with this update probably means that in the coming few post,my blog will be flooded of the photos that I took during the month I stay in Bangkok.The slow loading of the photo is still an issue but I really have no idea how to solve it hope you all can wait patiently..

This actually is my second on board experience where my first time already give to Air Asia which flew to Bali..For this time around,my company book me a Thai Airline ticket which including a lunch during the flight.



and this is the hotel room that I stay for a month.To tell the truth,even though the hotel is not that grand or big,but it is really quite comfortable except the breakfast buffet.Don't miss understood that the food is not nice,the food is just fine but you can imagine if you need to eat the same thing for a month..that definitely not so nice..


This is the view from my room..


Since I was there for training,therefore,I can only hang out with my friend during the weekend but don't worry because I will update on my first weekend's journey very soon....remember to pay my blog a visit in few days time ya...

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