Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mentally and Physically Tired

Fuh...just back from Bangkok two days ago and till now, I still feel freaking tired and kinda miss Thailand actually...At least, when i go to the training in Bangkok by MRT, I need not pack like a sardine as what I need to in Malaysia LRT..

Well,I just want to say thanks for all my readers who willing to leave comments after you reading the post..It is so sweet and it is kind of motivation to keep me update more often even though I will become very busy in coming days since I already finish the training..

By the way, I think so far I haven't mention which company I am working for and I am working as what..All right, currently I am working in Huawei Technology, it is a communication equipment provider company and my designation is Optical Network Engineer. So now, I would like to offer my friends an opportunity, whoever have interest to work in Huawei and have interest to work in optical network this field, you may let me know and I can try to help you to pass your resume to my department director. I had to say that I cannot guarantee you will be hired, I just can help to recommend only..So,anybody have interest may send your resume to my email-->

Preferable those have basic knowledge on communication network or optical fiber network..

Thats all for the announcement and I shall continue my Bali update soon..before I end this post..just wanna share one of the photo that I took in Bali.. Hope you all like it and as usual,comments are always welcome...


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jijitankyy said...

So great to have training in Bangkok.
Must be a valuable experience for you.
Have a good start for your new job!