Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Go Go Bali ~ Kuta Beach

Hehe..wonder why my blog lack of updates lately..hehe..This is because I got my Vivi in the house..Yupe,I already bring my dog, Vivi to KL since last Sunday.So, I am kinda busy to play with her..hehe..She is so lovely..

So,I shall speed up the progress to finish my Bali post in next few entries..On the fourth day, we don't need to visit any temple anymore and I guess all my friend already have temple phobia..make sure you see doctor to cope with that because my Thailand post will have a lot of temple again..

So, on this free day, the whole group decide to pay for a water rafting trip..It is quite far from Kuta Town but the trip is damn nice! It is not that extreme type but still you will feel adventurous when you on the boat...


This is the only photo that show us on doing the extreme..Adhere,I would like to apologise to Yung and his boat de member..Sorry ya..I still don't have free time to help you guys capture the photo..Just give me some time please..

7-Water Rafting

The water sports took around 2 hours plus if not mistaken, on they way back to Kuta Town, the bus stop by some mamak stall lookalike to let us taste the local famous Babi Guling or in English, Rolling Pig! This Babi Guling will only serve to rich ppl like me..when you go inside, you must do like what I do in the photo..


Then only you can capture the headless babi which is place in the kitchen..

8-Babi Guling

For me, it just like normal roast pork that chinese always eat and I think chinese de is even better..The only special is the spice that serve together with the Babi Guling...

9-Babi Guling

But obviously my friend love it..

10-Chun Keat in action

And it is best if it come with a bottle of soft drink..

11-The softdrink

When we reach the hotel, it is about 4 pm in the evening and this is the best time to go to Kuta Beach..because not too hot..But if you are opt for something else such as "papaya",then may be you can prepare a hat and head to the beach around 11am!

12-Kuta Beach

You can see a lot of surfer doing stunt on the sea and some is really expert but some...hmm....At least they want to try..good for them..



14-The light

If you are looking for some place for relaxation, Kuta Beach is definitely not your destination!Guess why?Because..


From the photo, you can see only one woman doing business..but outside photo, there are ten or more ppl like this keep asking you to buy thing,or massage, or some other special service..I wonder how can you relax yourself in such annoying place except the nice view of the beach..

19-Sexy back

And you can even found a hawaian lady at Kuta Beach...


It is real great to see girl holding a camera and zoom on some interest subject..that at least prove that I am not a pervert who use my zoom lense to shoot around....

17-Photographer in action

Next will be the post of Bali Hardrock Cafe...Even though I don't know when will be myh next post but I promise I shall update it as soon as possible..Thanks for all the support for these few days..My blog finally came to alive at least...


yung . said...


leo said...

i look so funny in the photo!!!!!secretly took my photo without notice!!!!

btw, i oso wan water rafting's photo!!!

俊杰 Chun Keat said...

Haha... I also wan the water rafting photo...

The Babi Guling... erm...

kimfei said...

@yung.,you have to wait for another weekend liao...i thought of doing it last weekend but occupy by other thing..hehe

@leo,i got cunlynn one..lagi funny..but then i not dare to post it here..later somebody buy killer to gaotim me..

@俊杰 Chun Keat ,hehehe...u same raft with yung them??hehe...i gaotime liao send to you loo