Friday, July 18, 2008

Go Go Bali ~ Hard Rock Bali

While we are on the way back to our hotel, we took another route to discover some place for our night time..and we found this--->


Soon, I already decide to spent the night in Hard Rock Cafe. It is recommended if you guys like to listen to live band and not so fuzzy environment...If you guys prefer those night club with many "nome yai"<--in Thai girls then you should go to the clubs or bar that located along the the Legian street,I guarantee you will never regret.. Also,in Bali, you can find variety of transport such as this one..


or this one...

20-Shutter Bus

So,before we go to the Hard Rock Cafe, we spent our in this Made's Warung Restaurant to have our dinner. This restaurant is recommended by our tourguide, Mr Su. Well, the food is really nice but then it is not typical indonesian food. You can find a wide variety in here such as western food, or Indo fried ..

22-Dinner @ Made;s warong

After our dinner, a group photo is a must...right!

23-Portion of us

This is just portion of us since we need to separate into two table because the restaurant is fully seated..

Then we heading to Hard Rock Cafe, which is just 5 minutes walk from the restaurant..

24-Hard Rock on the way

The interior design of Hard Rock Bali is really nice..When we arriving that time, it is still too no cover charge to go in but we need to order a drink..still it is consider quite cheap and it is worth to spend our time over here..wonder why..

25-In Hardrock

26-In hardrock

27-In hardrock

28-With 2 lenglui

29-Group without me

Of course the atmosphere of the cafe is very important, but the live band is definitely a plus plus to such situation..introduce you the Switch Groove!

34-Nice band

30-The band

Especially thi guy...damn...I really enjoy listening to him singing Bon Jovi's song and the best song of the night..I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith..his voice..omg..Really superb..

32-The chio singer

We stay in there for more than 4 hours and we wait till there finish the second session then only we go back to our hotel..Lastly, the group photo that taken outside Hard Rock Bali...Damn..I miss Hard Rock Bali...

35-Group photo in front of Hardrock


yung . said...

Not only you, I missed HardRock a lot too!! BEST CAFE EVER!!!

zming said...

I missed that too.....hehe =p

kimfei said...

@yung.,hahaha....hard rock is really

@zming,hey surprise you leave comment here...kekek

jijitankyy said...

Yeah..the environment really extraordinary n special.
There is another rock cafe further inside the hotel as well

stephers said...

I caught SwitchGroove @ HRC KL and they absolutely rock!! :)