Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Go Go Bali ~ Bedugul Temple

As I mention in my previous post, today, we are going to a place that’s very similar to Cameron Highland. Yupe, it is up on hill and we are there to have our lunch. For the lunch, there is nothing much that worth to mention because it is about the same as previous international Indonesian lunch buffet that we are having at the Kintamani.

19-Elephant Statue

I took my lunch fast so that I can have some time to walk around the place because in front of the restaurant is a very beautiful lake and I really did enjoy the cold breeze and the peaceful moment in this while.

20-The Alien Flower

After everybody had their lunch, we are heading to the most popular place at this spot, the Bedugul Temple. I think many of you might had seen this temple before through internet if you happened to read some material about the introduction of Bali.

21-Bedugul Temple

This temple can be considered my favorite temple out of the entire temples that I had visit. There is a very large garden beside this temple but the unique of this temple is it is located at the middle of water. From far, you can see this temple when you are by the side of the lake. Aren’t this place looks peace?

In such beautiful places, how can we forget to take photo right!

22-Sweet gal

23-Sux Photo

These two girls are so kind to become my model for this scene….kakakaka… phototaking is damn sux…lol

24-Group photo without me

For sure we must have a group photo, then somebody come out with another suggestion..”Why not have a BEDUGUL JUMP??”

25-Bedugul Jump

Due to the planned schedule, we actually don’t have much time to enjoy the scenery of Bedugul Temple because we are rushing to another temple so that we can reach Tanah Lot on time.

26-Start to emo again..

Then our friend, CJ start to emo again…tell me nice or not for this photo..This is my first time try to photoshop to come out such feel ooo…

As I say earlier, our next station is Royal Family Temple. When we are on the way to the temple, we happened to pass by a village where the villagers are having a ceremony.


28-The crowd

They still practice the tradition culture where the entire people in the village will join the ceremony which seldom seen in Malaysia nowadays.

After about 1 hour, we reach the Royal Family Temple. Also, we didn’t spend much time in this temple due to the same reason again..

29-The Royal Family Temple

In Chinese, we shall say “walk horse see flower”, even though the scenery is very nice but definitely we wouldn’t want to miss the next place, Tanah Lot which is very famous of the view during sunset moment.

So, I need not to mention what’s will be next right…stay tune..TO BE CONTINUE!!!

40-To be continue


leo said...

lol..y got my photo 1?i dun hav those photo pun!!!the 2nd one nice ler..i like it..

kimfei said...

@leo, my camera de ma...wait i go back baru giv u lor..kekek

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

if your phototaking skills are bad.. i really dont know where to hide my face dy =P

kimfei said...

@-i.r.v.i.n.e-,wah...say like tat..mine just normal many sifu out there..have to learn from them..

Gregory said...

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