Monday, June 30, 2008

Go Go Bali ~ Nusa Dua ~> Turtle Island

Fuh…I feel so tired after back from Pattaya on the last weekend. I shall blog about it after I finish my Bali post..hehe..I think may be two weeks later ba..

Back to the Bali trip, on the third day of the trip, since our schedule is a bit free, therefore we decide to visit another extra place by paying some extra money. We are heading to Nusa Dua, the beach that facing the south of the Bali Island. Why arewe going there? Why not staying at Kuta Beach where there are lots Bikini gal or even one piece can be seen…

Actually we are paying for a package which including a visit to the Turtle Island and one round of banana boat at the beach. So, in this early morning, all of the guys face is actually looks like this after a very tiring journey to so many temples.

1-Ah Jian

2-Ah Hao

3-Ah geek

Three of them are staying in the same room and they look damn tired..I have no idea what they did during the night…wuakakakaka..Anyway, it took around one and a half hour to reach Nusa Dua from Kuta Town.

Without further babbling, we are on the motorboat where there is a transparent glass at the middle of the boat. The purpose of this glass is for you to see the underwater world but the only thing I can see is…

4-Group on Boat Nusa Dua

It is better to take photo rather than looking into the dull underwater world.



7-Cool Ming Jie

8-Choo Hang

9-Lu Heng

During the journey to the Turtle Island, we actually feel quite bored because the scenery is really …sigh…plus the water also very dirty…

And then finally, after another half an hour, we are on the Turtle Island which you can see a lot of turtles. At first, our feeling is like this…

10-Turtle Island

Damn excited man…you can see sea turtle and personally I thought it is some kind of centre which developed to protect the turtle from distinction..but to my disappointment, not because of the lack of turtle. I am fucking piss off on the way they treat the turtle, the living environment of the giant turtle is damn….!@#!@$#$%

At the entrance, you will think, wow…this is the paradise of the turtle because the baby turtle is kept in a medium pond..

11-The little turtle

And you can actually hold it to take a photograph but please be gentle..

12-Group v turtle

Until I walking deep inside the centre, everything is change…

14-Bad environment for turtle

This picture only shows two turtle in the pond which don’t have much water in it..Actually there are more than 10 turtles of this size live in it…wtf@$@#!$@#$$

And that’s why you can see the turtle is really lifeless and I can feel their pain from this picture..aren’t you??

13-Kesian turrle

All right, I got nothing to say since this is in Indonesia, may be their law enforcement is different or whatsoever, but man, with such living condition for the turtles, and still the people of the centre force all the tourist to give some donation to them so that they can improve the centre??I guess that would not come true even you come back after many years…If they really need money to do something for the turtle’s good, I think they already did it long time ago with the amount that donated by the tourists like us which are forced to do so when we are leaving this fucking turtle island…

This is really an unpleasant morning for me and my friends..but whatelse that we can do…sigh…When we back to the Nusa Dua beach, I am just stay at the beach while others going for the Banana boat…

18-The Flying Ship

At Nusa Dua beach, you can see a lot of water motor sports which hardly be seen at Kuta Beach for example the jet ski, or this…the Flying Fish..

16-Flying Fish

While I shooting around with my zoom lens on, my friends just back to alive from the banana boat..LOL..look at lively and energytic are they…kakaka


17-The Flower

Even though the weather is very nice, but the trip to Turtle Island is definitely spoilt the good mood of the vacation…..Next, we are going to a place where it is quite similar to the Cameron Highland in Malaysia..stay tuned for the next post ya…I guarantee you will like this place..


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

nice pics eh =) cute turtles =D

kimfei said...

@- i.r.v.i.n.e - ,hmm..thnx...the turtle is cute..but they are so pity..

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