Friday, June 27, 2008

Go Go Bali ~ Kintamani ~> Holy Spring Temple ~> Goa Gajah ~> Jimbaran Beach

Continue from the previous entry, our next station will be some where near to the sky, or should I say some where near to the cloud because it is some where on hill. Along the way to the destination, you will need to pass through those narrow roads just like when you go Genting Highland back on 1980s. The different thing is you can see a lot of villages cottage structure and paddy field a long the road side. The place is named Kintamani. This place can be consider a hot spot for the tourists and usually tourist will having their international buffet lunch in one of the restaurant on this hill.

24-On Kintamani

If you ask the tourguide what’s so special about this place, I think the only answer you will get is to enjoy the cool weather, the beautiful scenery of Mount Batur and also Batur Lake which I don’t have the chance to snap a photo or two of it.

22-Mount Batur

The Mount Batur is actually an active volcano where its last explosion occurs back in 1990s. I have to say that the scenery is indescribable with the photo that I capture. Also, the foggy day left the photo blur and you can hardly see the peak of the Volcano because it is block by the cloud.

So, I highly recommended this place or if you have extra free day, may be you can have a trip to climb to the peak of this Mount Batur and have a boil egg with the heat of the Mother Nature. So for our graduation trip, of course we cannot left out the group photo at such beautiful place right..

21-Group on Kintamani

Then, some pretty girls are trying so hard to get the best angle of cam whoring around…

Cunlynn & Woonlee

23-V YX
Me, YunXuan and Choo Hang

After having some short photo taking session, we get onto the bus and ready for the next station which is the Holy Spring Temple situated at Ubud.


I won’t explain any history regarding the temple so if you feel interest, may be you can try to google it or wiki it..As the name of the temple, Holy spring, this is the place where you can get holy water to clean your sin may be…As what I saw from there, there are a lot of tourists and local peoples who wash faces, or taking bath at there..

26-Holy Spring

27-The Prayer

You must be wonder where all these holy water come from..I think its theory is about the same as those hot springs and the difference is the water is real cool. Yupe, the water is come out from the underground..Before you enter to the place to see the source of Holy Spring, you have to wear sarong if you wear shorts or skirts to this temple.

Group Photo at the Entrance of Holy Spring Temple

As you can see from the photo, the black color sand in the water is actually the source of the holy spring.

28-Source of Holy Spring

Then I found this, the monkey king, the best friend of our monkey hao…

29-Ancesstor of Monkey King

Of course not to forget to take photo with the leng lui from our course, Nicole and Ming Jie…err..extra 1 people..Alex..

28-V leng lui
Nicole, Me, Ming Jie and Alex

When we heading to the exit of the temple, there is a pond which is full of carp and Cunlynn ask me to take this photo…nice or not arr??

30-Lenglui Cunlyn

The last station of the day before we heading to the 5-Star Balinese Spa is the Goa Gajah or known as Elephant Cave. There is nothing much about this place, it is quite similar to the Holy Spring Temple..

31-Goa Gajah

Then these three poser start to pose before we all getting into situation..

33-The Poser

Lastly, the group photo in front of the cave!

32-Group in front Goa Gajah

For this day, we had been visit quite a lot of place and walking for quite long distance and its time for us to relax ourselves at the Balinese Spa..For anyone who ever have chance to visit Bali, you must try the spa therapy. You actually can choose variety of package which best suit yourself. The Balinese massage is much different if compare to Thai massage which I had chance to try on this few weeks time…

Before we heading back to the hotel, we are having dinner at the Jimbaran Beach. For me who not really favor of seafood, the dinner is just to fill my stomach rather than enjoy it..

34-Dinner at Jimbaran Beach

The group photo while having dinner at Jimbaran Beach

35-Group @Jimbaran

And very fast, it is the end of the first day of journey and it is time to rest our eyes and have a nice rest to catch on the next day schedule..

36-The eye


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