Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Go Go Bali ~ Batik Factory ~> Celuk ~> Mas ~

As I mention in my previous post, the next station is the Batik Factory. Well, for me, I feel it is quite interesting to have a visit to such factory even though Malaysia also well known of its Batik. When we reach the Batik Factory, our tour guide is doing his job in explaining to us on the process to produce batik. Until that day I just know that the process is damn complicated..haha..Hmm..I shouldn’t say complicated, it is very tedious because the process is keep repeating..There is a gallery where you can see all those batik painting and also you can buy it home if you love to. This is one of my favorite batik paintings but I don’t have money to buy it home, so I capture it home…

14-Nice Batik

Besides, you can also leave some batik souvenir on your cloth just like what you see in the following photo..

The Making in process..

Da da..Final Product..

Also, you can found some handicraft in the gallery as well such as this one…


Next, we will proceed to Celuk which is very famous of the gold and silversmith. If you ever been to here, then you will understand what I mean, the people that live along this street can consider quite rich in Bali because they are selling gold and silver jewels. For poor people like me, I can only see those jewels lying comfortable in the cabinet because the price is considered quite expensive. So, the only thing that we do is take photo everywhere.. Such as…

16-Gold Street

Or this…

17-Gold Street Pose

Stupid enough right..OK, I know what you thinking…the only related photo that I took at this place is the silversmith on action..

18-The worker

The last station of this post is Mas. Mas doesn’t produce EMAS, this place is well know of its wood carvers. The hot spot of this place is you can see variety of art masterpieces which are carve from wood. Same as the previous place, all these masterpieces are mark for a very expensive prices if you would like to take it home and the only different in this place is even you don’t have money to buy it home, they will make sure that you don’t have any chance to capture it home with your are right, no camera is allowed in the shop…So, I end up photo taking the statue outside the shop..

19-The Statue

So, what do you think about these few places..boring enough right? Kakaka….you have to deal with it because you are reading my blog which I not really have much time to write everything in detail but I promise next post will be a stunning if compare to this one…Want to know what’s next..make sure you come back to my blog on this Friday!


ahlost said...

Wow at the batik souvenir !!

kimfei said...

yeah...but then actually nothing to see one..other than those batik painting that still quite worth for a short stay..