Wednesday, May 7, 2008

MMU Campus Shot

Hi guys,when you guys reading this entry,probably I am on the way to KL again.Yes,again,because I went there on last Sunday,and now I am going AGAIN,to help my dear settle her document and payment for renting a room for her internship and,this is still not the end because I will be going to KL AGAIN to take my job offer letter.I shall blog about it soon when everything is comfirm.

For this entry,actually I am trying the new feature that blogspot offer which is the Schedule Posting.It means that I actually schedule this post to be publish during the time I am on my way to KL.I consider this is a very nice and cool feature!Allright,I know I crap a lot recently so I shall just shall you guys the photo that I took during last week.

Since I am graduating soon (2 Final papers to go in the countdown to 10 days!),hence I decide to take some photos of the campus that I study at for 5 year.It is for memoir of what so ever it can be..but 1 thing for sure,I am gonna miss the Uni life where I met a lot of friends,from the very first year in Uni and of course I am really glad to know all my lovely,sweety,friendly coursemates and also the Tele Gangz!You guys rockz forever.

Other than me,there are some of my friends also joining to shoot around the campus and I should say it is damn fun,really hopes that we can shoot more...Before I show you guys the humble shot of the MMU campus,let me introduce the photographer first!

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Actually it is a two day shooting,so some of them didn't show up for the first and some of them miss the second day!

Besides,I am doing some testing in this post as well where I already try to reduce the size of the images while maintain its resolution and also its quality and I hopes that it helps to reduce the loading time of my blog as so many of my friends keep complaining that the loading is damn slow,for me,I have no problem to load all this picture.So,if anyone of you still can't view the images or facing any loading problem,please double check that is that your connection problem,if no,please let me know and I really appreciate your feedback!

For your information,as you can see there are 7 photographers in total and there is only 1 people using the Sony Alpha,Ser ar Ser,don't you feel lonely...kakaka

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Haha..I guess after I posting this,those Alpha user gonna kill me on the spot..Anyway,I think I shall show you guys my campus shot on my next post so that the loading won't be too slow..hopefully this will helps too!Therefore,coming up next will be....

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Sean said...

the pics r too clear, those yellow teeth are so clear n visible. lol.

jijitankyy said...

Woh great to see all pro photographers at the same time.
Looking forward for more photos from campus ..

iCalvyn said...

no nikon camera?

kimfei said...

@sean,haha...tats the realistic..keke..can photoshop to become white geh..just lazy to do it..not my teeth also

@jijitankyy,yhea...thnx for the support.

@icalvyn,sadly no...hahahah

ahlost said...

Wahrao.. Your gang all dSLR kaki ah? o_O