Friday, May 9, 2008

MMU Campus Shot [Part 2]

Continue from the last post.

I am dead tired now..after a whole day traveling to KL to settle something and finally everything is set and now I gonna in full oil mode to study for my final exam which is 7 days from now!Argh....I wanna sleep can arr??

Therefore,I will just show the photo that I took for Campus Shot usual,comments are always welcome,if you think it is nice,just let me know and that definitely encourage me indirectly or if the photo is sucks..let me know also so that I can improve myself...Thanks for viewing!

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I quite love this photo even though it is just a very simple shot..It makes me think of something..the gap that used to exist between us are being close up when we all study in the same place...

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When I browse through the photo that I took,I just realise that I really love blue sky..almost 60% of the photo will at least have some part of the blue sky...

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Soon we all are going to grad and is time to grow up..

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The place where I study for my four years degree and I gonna say bye bye to it in less than 1 month time..

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We remember the place that we studied for five years..

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We remind ourselves...

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We show you guys the place that we used to have our own sweet time..

And that's why we even took the photo of the drain..

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The building that doesn't exist when I first step into this campus and now it is already there for almost three years..

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But the old FOSEE will never forgotten by us because this is the first place where my first class in MMU was conducted..

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Also,not to forget the CLC where 70% of the lecture class and tutorial class were conducted...

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Sigh..really couldn't believe that it already been 5 years I studied in this campus and the most unbelieveable thing is I gonna leave this campus and start my job in less than 1 month time..Really miss the old time...Good Bye MMU~~


Mei Wah said...

i love all the pictures you shared here, but one i loved most is the "gap" shoot the most. although for normal eye (like me) it's just simple "jubin" on the land, but when you caught in photographs, it make the jubin look so artistic!

great job!

iCalvyn said...

nice picture, especially those snap over the sky one... great

kimfei said...

@mei wah,hi there..thnx for the really did encourage me..hehe...thnx thnx

@icalvyn,thnx for the comment..

ahlost said...

Life goes on.

Most important thing of all is to keep in touch with your unimates :)

and I like your last pic. Very nice :)

Amei79 said...

Nice shots...i like the one with caption "the cap".

kimfei said...

@ahlost,hehe..yalo...gonna miss all my friends..

@amei79,haha..nice nice..btw.. it is "The Gap"