Friday, April 25, 2008

Street Kings

Fuoah...yeeha..yoiz...any sound you named it,I will do it..kakakaka..At last,my FYP is done.Everything is going to the end.The only things that left are the assignment and another two last final papers.

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Last night,my dear and I took our own sweet time to catch a movie at MBO Cineplex which located at Melaka Mall.Yupe,we watched Street Kings,the movie that my dear so wanted to watch for the past two weeks,and finally we are able to watch it.Don't worry,no spoiler from me.You may continue to read this post.

One thing I really doubt about is the service of this MBO Cineplex.Ever since its opening,I didn't see any improvement of their service.For those MMU students that always watch movie at here,you might got what I mean.Check on the picture below.

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Do you notice something wrong?Nope??Allright,for normal case when you want to watch a movie.What's the procedure?You buy the ticket,you wait for the time of the screening,you go inside the cineplex and at the same time you have to show your ticket to the person to check and tear off one side of the ticket,right?So do you got it?Yupe,we did went inside the cineplex,we did watch the movie but our ticket never get tear off and nobody is checking on our ticket.I wonder if I didn't buy tickets,then we shall watch it for free already..what kind so service is this..sigh...

OK..just to express some disatisfaction on their service,overall,this movie is great.The storyline is very interesting,the effect,or I should say that no fansy effect is added,everything is just so real especially the bang of the gun shot!So,if you wan to watch it,make sure you watch it in cinema,because the surround effect is damn nice and the only not so good thing is even though it is rated as 18PL,still,a lot of scene is cut.This is the most irritating part.For those didn't aware of this movie or if you guys wanna know more of this movie,click here.

If you ask me what do I think about this movie,I would say it is really nice and worth the bucks that you pay to the cineplex.


KIra said...

eh.. i nvr encounter such a thing wor..normally they will tear tiket. may b it is rare case, the worker dun wan work

jijitankyy said...

Same situition happened to one of our fren last week.
He was late for the movie n just direct go in without tear the ticket.

Next time we try to get in without ticket ..see it works ornot..haha

yipguseng said...

MBO ar, i nvr ever been to this cinema before leh :P

kimfei said...

@kira,i dun care is it rare case or wat...tats only give me 1 impression..their management sux..

@jijitankyy,haha...i think should be no problem by doin such thing as long as the cineplex is not full

@yipguseng, KL always GSC