Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good Luck to all Final Year Student!!

Fuh...tomorrow will be the day,the day that I gonna present my FYP and the day after tomorrow,I will be a temporary free man!!Actually for this moments,I don't really have any idea on what to update.So,just wanna wish all my friends,my coursemates and all FYP students good luck for you guys FYP presentation.

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Look at the photo...hehehe..I just have some try shot using my camera to create such effect.I know I know,it looks sucks...Actually I am trying to write a "Good Luck" by using the light emit form my handphone but the effect is not that great.Aiyo..first time is like that de lor..I shall get myself a torch light so that I can do some more clean writing.

Anyhow,just wanna wish you guys good luck and don't forget to wish me luck too!


SilverIsle said...

Woah. Have always wanted to try this effect but no idea what to write until now. Haha. Great try!

kimfei said...

@silverisIe,haha...i also just cincai do it..coz i just got my dslr ma..hehe..previous camera cannot use mirror lockup..hard to do such effect..shall give a try when i get a torch light..much more convenient using torch light