Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Graduating soon...

Hi hi..so sad to tell you that I still don't have time to actually took my camera outdoor and have some try shot yet.My FYP presentation is just two days from now and I hardly push myself back into the reality where I need to prepare the presentation slide and some preparation for the presentation.Guys,wish me luck ya.Besides,another assignment due falls on the same day which make me .....sigh...tiring.

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Anyway,yesterday I just got my Sigma Year Book.I consider this is the annual magazine of the University.Actually I found that not much information is included in the magazine especially the contact information of my coursemates.The whole book is full of photos but the information provided is very less.

My coursemate arr,do you think we should distribute some form in the class for you guys to fill in your personal contact information so that we can compile into a softcopy?This will ease everyone to keep on touch since we are graduating soon...any idea??


生番薯 said...

tis is a good idea~~but....who will do the work?

leo said...

u skip class!!!!!
good idea..i can help to distribute n collect..

yung . said...

Good one! Mapo shall be incharge of it I assume LOL! Remember to inform me if there's any gathering..

Faizal said...

Hi there, just dropping by to say Hello,

I found your blog from the Big Bang Master List.

Have a nice day.

Jian said...

do remember to drop ur atm machine password num ler XD hahaha

i wan :P

leo said...

yung..i say i help distribute n collect la wei..
somebody help do the form..
and then somebody else help put into softcopy like tat..haha..
gathering call me..
isit we need hav one last gathering?

kimfei said...

@生番薯,hmm...i dun mind to input all the information la..but need people to distribute and collect information from everyone

@leo,haha..nice nice...got ppl help is better

@yung.,sure..after final we go chiong one last time before go bali la..

@faizal,hi there..thnx dropping by

@jian,fuah...now give u also useless la..no money inside d..lol

@leo,we organize 1 gathering after the final exam looo..any idea??