Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Suprise

Ahem...seems like nobody would like to guess...feel like I am syok sendiri in my last,this weekend is definitely syok!The best word I can think of to describe my feeling is "SYOK"...wahahahaha

Last Friday,there are totally four of us,traveling all the way to Sungai Wang,Kuala Lumpur to look for "something".I already mention about this "something" in my previous post.So,I think there is no secret for this anymore.So the only things you guys wanna know is which is the one that I grab it to home..

Before telling you guys which is the "something" that I grabbing now,here is the other three guys that going together with me.

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Ok la,If you still don't get what I mean about the "something",have a look in this.Still can't get it,okok..another hints.All the above photo is taken with the "something"! I proudly to tell you guys,I just got myself a Canon EOS 450D plus a F1.8 50mm Prime Lens.

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My new Baby

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Love this lens!

Still,there is only one word that I can say,"SYOK Ya".I am really crazy for this camera and the Prime Lens...The Noise Reduction of this DSLR is much more better than my previous Prosumer Panasonic Lumix FZ8.What I can say is I totally won't regret even though quite lot that I need to invest on it.

Besides getting the Canon EOS 450D,we also meet with Fattien and HungWei.Fattien,sorry ya,forgot to took your photo with my camera.Don't forget to send me the photo that you took ya!

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Actually,I still don't have much time to explore this newly baby of mine since yesterday I am off to Segamat and only back around the evening time.Hence,not much shot had been taken,I only test out some feature and setting of the DSLR,and I damn like this 50mm lens,taken with the 15-55IS kit lens.

Image Hosted by
EF 50mm f1.8II

The photo is taken under ISO 800,f5.6,1/4second handheld.Damn,the IS lens is really "cun"!! In case you guys wanna know,the package that I get including EOS 450D Body + 18-55mm IS Kit Lens + 2gb SD + UV Filter + Scree Protector + Tripod + Canon Sling Bag + Ximplify + Backpack + EF 50mm f1.8 II. If you guys wanna know the price,feel free to drop me a message at Ym or email to me,


Justine said...

ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i thought u will get after ur final?@@~~~~~~~~~~~~ tell me tell me how much u bought!!!i'm so so so excited:p

tcmeaN said...

Come on, more photos please!!

Jasonmumbles said...

Congratulations for your purchase. :D And welcome to the world of dSLR.

kimfei said...

@justine,hehehe..after final tak sempat loo,coz i going to bali after final,the price included 50mm prime lens is 3279.if without the 50mm prime lens,the package is 2999

@tcmean, time argh...FYP presentation 1st

@jasonmumbles,haha..thnx thnx..i am glad to join the

ahlost said...

Wow.. 450D... hehehe.. really curious to know the price lar. How much how much? Why cannot announce it here? You got special deal is it?

kimfei said...

@ahlost,haha..i just purposely wan ppl drop me message kidding.the price include the prime lens is 3279,with out the prime lens is 2999

ahlost said...

Oh.. Quite affordable ler.. Hehehe.. I still love my 400D.. hehehe.. Just the difference of 50 nia ma.. *LOL*

kimfei said...

hehe...before this i am in deep dilemma on choosing either 400D or 450D ..but i love this baby...hahaha

Jack said...

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