Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Car Wash Service

At last,after all those hectic FYP thesis and presentation,finally I manage to arrange some time to go back to my hometown,Segamat.Actually I just go back a week before last weekend but it is kind of rush where I go back in the early morning of Saturday and back to Melaka at night.For this time,I am able to stay at home,fully relax myself without thinking of all those hectic matter and also not to forget to send my car for the air cond repairing which already broke down for more than a month.

Besides,I finally decide to send my car for a good shower at those Car Wash Centre.So,as usual,I drive my car to the near by car wash centre which is quite popular in my hometown due to its fast service.When I reach there,the only thing that I want to say is "What the XXXX"..Damn,the centre is full with all type of vehicles,lorry,teksi,SUV,MPV...damn it..This is the best damn thing that I wouldn't want to see for my lovely weekend.Hence,I drive my car to other place and try to looks for some other car wash centre.

At last,I found one in some Malay Kampung area where I always pass through during my secondary school age.The boss is a very friendly person,the service also damn good!

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For the RM 8 that I paid,I got three people to give my car a shower,my car become damn shinning,in side out because they apply some polish conditioner for the car..This is why I say they really provide great service and I am really glad that I didn't go for the fast wash centre which only provide fast service with so so quality of works..

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I believe that my car would love this kind service and for me,I absolutely willing to go there again because I can play around with my camera while waiting the car to be shower...This is the reason why you manage to see the two photos that I show you.

I know you might say this post is talking nonsense.If you ask me what's the point for this entry,the only thing I can tell you is,by writing this,I can post and show my photo up here........this is the only reason..like it or not..you also have to accept it..till then...


FELEX TAN said...

I am lazy to wash car also,i rather pay RM8 to them and they can wash very clean.

Mei Wah said...

i think if u send your photographs (especially this 2 photos of them washing your car) to competitions, this will sure catch judges eyes! it's beautiful... and brings certain messages to people...

kimfei said...

@felex tan,haha..same same

@mei wah,hmm..i think i just got lucky only..lol..didn't think these photo can be ...haha..