Wednesday, March 5, 2008

JCN~Night of Wonders~Part 2

Continue from the previous post.

After the opening dances,the Emcees of the night are on stage.There are 2 emcee that incharge of the night while another guy is the translator.This twins emcee had give me a very good impression especially on their way to express and conduct the nights.Let me introduce you Razin and Rashad who always make jokes on stage,try every of their best to entertain us as the audience.

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The Twins,Razin and Rashad & Andy Toh

Then as usual,there will be some speech given by the JCN Night of Wonders Director,the Japanese Culture Week Director and not to forget the special guest,Director of MMU STAD.

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Night of Wonders Director,Ms. Lee Siaw Keen

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Japanese Culture Week Director,Calvin Yeo

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STAD Director,Mr Syukor Hashim

After all the not so long speech,it is the opening ceremony.The opening ceremony is quite a meaningful one but too bad I not manage to shot the whole process cause of the dim light condition.

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The Drum

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The Mask

There is actually some performance on stage where a girl is being caught and waiting to be sacrify to the monster or god something.(I guess)Then when the special guest is on stage to rescue,hence means the start of the Night of Wonders.

Then without further delay,the first performance of the night will be the traditional dance.Actually this is my first time to watch such dance forgive me for not understand what does it mean.I only saw two gang of people holding the fan then walk here and there rhythmly.Sorry but no photo for this as well due to the damn bad light condition.*Curse Curse my camera*

After that is the Sushi Eating Session.Three sushi lover are selected to get on stage to eat a whole big roll of sushi where there are paste of wasabi inside.Check on their action.

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The Three Sushi Lovers and the Emcee

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This guy finish all the sushi even though he is not the winner,*Salute*

During the whole session,I really would like to salute this guys.Gosh...he is the man..can you imagine he is actually eating the wasabi but still he is damn enjoy the sushi...Check out his expression...I guess he must be the super fans of sushi,else he must be a hungry ghost that will eat anything given to him for free!!

*Disclaimer-I am not a gay and thats definitely not the reason I keep shooting on him,its his facial expression that draw my attention!!*

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The First Slurp

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The Satisfaction Smile

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I am the King of Sushi!!

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Sapu Sapu~~

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Need my help??

After he finish his portion,he still check on the other contestant,seems like he is willing to help them to finish the speechless...Needless to say,he is the winner of the contest but all the three sushi lovers also got some prize as complement.

Next will be the snapshot of the sketch with the title~Issun Boshi The One Inch Boy.Stay tuned~~


leo said...

lao..the guy so funny la..
y din shoot another contestant..i mean the gal..haa

Jasonmumbles said...

I was there for a while, but seeing it so boring, I left. :D

kang yong said...

Zzzz.. I still waiting the photo from fish ball =.= he was the photographer for this whole event

yipguseng said...

to be honest, i nvr been to these kinda night/event before for my entire studying in MMU :P

well..except for those which i had performance..

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@jasonmumbles,haha..icic..yalo...some is really kinda boring..i have no choice coz have to wait for my gf

@kang yong,haha...icic..then u slowly wait to help me get the model shot photo from mr thum can arR??he only shoot on gals nia...i want those photo..

@yipguseng,haha...this 1 can consider my 1st attendance to such event lor..all bcoz of my

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