Tuesday, March 4, 2008

JCN~Night of Wonders~Opening

I know I am kinda late for the update as what I promise earlier,I am sorry for that because yesterday, I went to sing K after my class,and play badminton after the karaoke session and when I settle down at home,it is already 11pm and I am dead tired after the whole day activity.

So,I would just make the long story short and one thing to tell ya,I hardly get any nice photo and I am damn frustrated when I miss out the whole Fashion Show session because of my position is not able to capture it.*cursing my place...cursing my camera*

Before the event started,I manage to meet with my coursemate who also going to perform for the opening dance.

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Me,Wei Shiang and Jeannette

The event start around 8.30pm,since we are kinda early to reach there,hence I took a photo of my friend who I am going with.

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Wei Shiang,Wooi Lim,Yung and Fenn

Then I try to do some test shot on the stage and its back drop.

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The Stage

So,what do you think about the decoration of the stage and hows the backdrop?Nice arr?Actually,If you guys still remember why I am there for the event,then you guys should know that my dear is actually the Art and Deco Division Director.So,all the decoration are done by her division,therefore,even it is not nice,you guys also must say it is NICE!!

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Night of Wonders

Then how about this lantern?Nice or not nice??Hahahaha...for those who came to my house recently will saw all these lantern.Actually,the sample of these lantern is done by me..wuakakaka...but I only help the division to deliver the lantern after I came out with the sample..

The Night of Wonders was started upon arrival of the special guest,Mr Syukor Hashim, the director of STAD MMU.Without further delay,let me show you the opening dance of the night!

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Can you spot my friend?No,okay,it is not a problem!Let me zoom in to help you out...

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Now,don't tell me you can't spot her...Hehe,the dance is really a nice one,especially the ending part..BRAVO!

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With this,I would like to end this post since I haven't finish process all the selected photo.Stay tuned!!


chingy said...

I want kimono *Sniff*

kimfei said...

@chingy,haha...go to get one lor...