Friday, March 7, 2008

JCN~Night of Wonders~Issun Boshi

Tomorrow will be a big day for all those politician but for me,it is just a normal weekend and I am happy to be back at my hometown to enjoy the relax weekend where I can forget all my task,especially my FYP!!So,which colour you gonna choose for tomorrow's election?I got no chance to choose cause for some unknown reason,I can't vote even though I already register for it.

So,I think most of you guys are busy with which colour to choose with,hence,I shall just upload some snapshot of the sketch during the nights.The sketch's title will be Issun Boshi-The One Inch Boy.

The story is according to the legend of Japan where a couple who found a child from somewhere where his height is only one inch.After couples of years,the child grow up and wan to fight against the monster and finally he won the battle and he won something,the end.The sketch is the modified version of it and add in some lame jokes but too bad,they change the scene too often which make us,the audience,are waiting more than watching the sketch.Here are some funny scene of it!

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The Father,Nakamura who bumps with a girl!

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Issun Boshi,The One Inch Boy wiht his mother

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The neighborhood make fun of him "Hey,Inch,Inch,Inch Boy!!"

So,he request his parent to give him a needle,a chopstick and a bowl where to him,a needle is a sword,a chopstick is a oar and the wooden bowl is a boat.

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Battle with the big fish!


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He won it!!

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Fight against the Monster!

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Guess what he won in the end??

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He live happily ever after with his four wives

-------------------------------------------The End---------------------------------------------
I now I have been drag this event for several post.Next,I think i will be able to include all the rest of the photo in one post.Be patience...


jijitankyy said...

The Inch Boy looks like Japanese.
But Im sure this sketch is much more better than the CNYE Nite;s sketch ><
Well done to their performance~

chingy said...

Bowl and toothpick, er, or is it chopstick? =/

kimfei said...

@jijitankyy,haha..then i dunno loo..coz i didnt go the cnye

@chingy,i also dunno...haha...