Saturday, February 2, 2008

Proton Malaysia Open Super Series 2008

This would be another super outdated post. Two weeks ago, I went to watch the Proton Malaysia Open Super Series 2008 at Stadium Putra. Actually I went for the Quarter Final Match and the Final which is fall on 20 January. On the final day, I went there together with Jiun Kei and Chye Hsiang.

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Me,Jiun Kei and Chye Hsiang

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Stadium Putra

The final match starts around 1.30pm. As usual, the first match will be the Mixed Double Finals.I didn’t took much photo as my camera is not really able to capture the fast motion photo especially when using the zoom. Hence, all the photo is snap when they stand still.*keke*

The Mixed Double Finals is China against Korea and the winner is China.

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Mixed Doubles Finals

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He HanBin and Yu Yang

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Lee Hyo Jung and Lee Yong Dae

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Spot the hottest coach? Lee Mao

Then follow by the Women Single final where China against Denmark. Surprisingly, the Dragon Killer again has another outstanding performance that beats Zhu Lin in rubber set.

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Tine Rasmussen

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Zhu Lin

There is once Rasmussen felt injured on her leg but luckily she is able to hold the position and finally won the match.This is really a tremendous task especially the opponent is from China.

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While Rasmussen was given treatment

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The Super Heavy Medal

After long waiting, this is the time where our Malaysian No.1 Men’s Single, Lee Chong Wei played against Lee Hyun II from Korea. Luckily, Chong Wei did’t disappoints the local fans by winning the title after playing the rubber set.

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Lee Chong Wei

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Malaysia Royal Supporter, the King

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In the making of King of Malaysia Royal Supporter

After the Men’s Single Final, we already stay in the stadium for more than 4 hours, hence we decide to go out and have some drinks while the not so interesting Women Doubles Final is on call. The match is not so interesting because the China teams dominate the finals and I really don’t have felt any passion on watching it. While we having some walk outside the stadium, we met the Malaysia Royal Supporter, the King inside the stadium.You guys must see him before,I saw him ever since I start watch badminton live cast from RTM station till now.

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The Prove that I am at the Stadium

After the rest, we head back to our seat for the next match which is also the last finale where Denmark will play against Indonesia in Men’s Doubles.For your information; this Denmark pairs are the one that beat two of Malaysia’s pairs, Koo & Tan, and Chong & Lee in a row. After watching the finale which consists of a lot of unforce error, the Indonesia’s pair win the title after rubber set.

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Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan

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Lars Paaske and Jonas Rasmussen

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The Indonesian Royal Supporter

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The Dens..

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The Men's Double Finalist

Basically that’s all for this post and I almost clear off the long stacked post.Hence, in next coming post will be some fresh post.Stay tune!!


ahlost said...

Wahrao.. Super clear pics ler.. Don't pray pray.. *LOL*

What lens is your friend using?

-SaMYP- said...

wow...nice pic eh...
The king...hahahaha...see him for more than 10 years time

leo said...

fuiyoh,long time never comment ur blog d..hehe

kimfei said...

@ahlost,haha..thats the best of what my FZ8 can friend using the sigma 70-300 mm lens loo..damn syok using it..tats y i really hope to get 1 dslr liao..

@-samyp-,yalo...since we small small kid time already see him..he damn chio la..

@leo,fuyoh..tak berhati perut lor...ishh

curryegg said...

great photos!
Uuhhww... I wanna go to the stadium too...
Happy chinese new year to you oh..

Mariuca said...

Kim Fei, it's okay if ur post is outdated, you make up for it with the great pics! :):):)

kimfei said...

@curryegg, year badminton open we go lor..hehe

@mariuca,thnx just too much thing to update on during last few weekend..keke