Thursday, January 17, 2008

Youth'08 : Traffic Jam

Some of you might aware that there is a Big event on call for this coming weekend,Youth’08 We Are The Trendsetters – Malaysia’s Youth Lifestyle Showcase 2008 at PWTC.For those who just aware of this,you are still not too late to join it since it is a 3 days event start from 18 Jan until 20 Jan.

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There are a lot of programme being organized and you may get more detail information from the sites.One of the event is Traffic Jam that jointly organized by Nuffnang Community and, i-talk Buddy & TuneMoney as the main sponsor.The main objective of this event is to expose Malaysian youth blogsites to the public youths.

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Any of you can signup for this event and the Top 100 Most Interesting Blogs will be shortlisted to be featured in Traffic Jam.Well,I not sure is it too late to sign up for this Traffic Jam but I am sure there are others events that you may join.For more information,please visit this site.

As I am saying may be you are too late for the Traffic Jam event because the shortlisted candidates already being announce and OMG!!!


I had been shortlisted as one of the 100 bloggers and I will be given a place to participate in Traffic Jam at PWTC.Oh mamamiya…can you believe that?I was featured and I got the chance to show the public about my blog.My blog will be show in a dedicated PC.*Slap*Slap*Hmm,I am not dreaming,seriously it is for real!!

So,adhere,I would like to call upon all my friend,my blog’s visitor and whoever know me,don’t know me,Please feel free to drop by to this TRAFFIC JAM event during 18 Jan to 20 Jan and give me some support.You may vote for me if you want to but I am sure there are some better blogs out there.If you vote for others,I wouldn’t blame you for that but really appreciate if you guys can pay me a visit.Beside,this is the best time for you guys to meet me if you want to,for those who want to slap me,Please,DON’T COME!!

If you are not shortlisted for the Traffic Jam event,please,you are also invited to the YOUTH’08: Traffic Jam Blogger Party Programme.For its agenda,you may click HERE.

At last,I would like to remind you all once again,please do come and show me some support!!

P/S:I will be there on Saturday after lunch time.So,whoever make it to PWTC,feel free to call me up.


Mariuca said...

Ohhhh this is the traffic jam event u're talking abt! Wah congrats Kim Fei, so proud of u for being shortlisted. I shall vote for u but how? Any link to click on?

kimfei said...

@mariuca,thnx..errm..for the voting,they need you to attend the event and submit the voting slip to the nuffnang booth,no vote from online..too bad..

haven7 said...

u've been tagged,view my blog for detail~

kimfei said...

@haven7,okok..shall check it later..