Friday, January 18, 2008

I Heart Moji~~

When the time I being notify that I had been shortlist for the Youth’08: Traffic Jam event. There is a while where my mind go blank like ZOMG!! Then after a few second, I just get to recall when I signup for this event and what’s the event actually for. When I continue read the notification email, again, my mind go blank again! What!?? I got RM 30 free iTalk Buddy! This would be my first time, seriously I very appreciate all the first time that I experienced and this is some sort like first free gift that I get ever since I start blogging.

As what I already know, people normally use iTalk to make call especially for IDD calls. For the youths like us, we tend to use the iTalk Buddy, get a Moji, in case for those who unaware about Moji, Moji is the virtual pet that can understand and express their feeling real time from the iTalk Buddy Instant Messenger.

Well, I have read a lot of it, and I always wanted to have one but I am just too shy to get one cause it is sound like so gay-ish. Ya, I know, I am an ego people. So, guess what, I still sign up for the Moji which is free, and select the Moji that I like and I dress up the Moji with the newly bought items with the free i-Talk that I get and at last, I have to think the cleverest excuses so that I can own it. So, I call my dear with the extra iTalk that I get.

“Doo Doo…"*my dear didn’t use caller ringtone*

Dear : Halo..aren’t you working during such hours,why rang me up? *3pm in the evening,best time for a nap*

Me : “Yalo, I am working, but I miss you so much ma! You still sleeping ar?”

Dear : “Hmm..anything, fast, I want continue sleep la!” *She is a pig,and she admit this*

Me : (In my mind: @#$@#%$#) “Oh..okok,I just wanna tell you, I just get you a pet and hopes you like it! (In my mind: You better not like it!)

Dear : (With more awake sound) “Omg, you already bought me the dog? I can’t believe you actually buy it!”

Me : (In my mind: How the hell I get the money to buy it?) “No no..I mean some virtual pet, just like your neopet! Because I thought your neopet can be friend with this new pet, Moji!

Dear : (With the sleepy sound again) “Har?? Who tell you Moji can be friend with neopet geh? There are not link to each other as well!”

Me : (In my mind : Phew..luckily she know that! She gonna reject this for sure!*muahahah*) “Har!! Is it..I don’t know ler, I already bought the item and all that, so how, you don’t want ar?”

Dear : “Whatever la,you want, then you take it la, since you already bought it! I want continue sleep liao, byebye…*Yawn*”

Me : *Speechless* “Ok lor…byebye..muaks!” (Pretending to be turn down sound)

*End the call*

Image Hosted by
Cheer dear don't want you,I want you can?

Yesh Yesh..Yoo..loo..doo..lay..di..hoo…She don’t want the Moji, so I have the responsibility to keep it for her sake,right? Aren’t this is the best excuse ever! So,with that, I already spend around RM 20 of the iTalk.(Portion for the item and part of it for the call to Johor area) There is RM 10 left. What to do with the ten bucks.

*Scratching my head*



I should start looking for someone who also own the Moji and also play iTalk Buddy. So, who should I look for…Hmm…Here come my cleverest idea ever! Instead of looking for somebody owns it currently, why don’t I find some new user to get addict together with me. Therefore, I am giving out the leftover RM 10 iTalk that leaves me a most creative comment on why they think that they deserve the RM 10 iTalk. The result will be announced on Monday morning latest by 12pm.

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RM 10 iTalk up for grab!!

P/S : The contest is open to all, including the public viewer that just read my blog within these few days.


leo said...

support you~
i see no people comment so i shall be the first.

even i am training at tm but i am not really understand bout this italk...
so if you giv me your RM 10 italk then i can try to know what exactly is that..
next time when i officially work in TM then I no need scratch my head find out what is this d..

p/s: If i not is 'iTalk'..there is no dash in between..

tcmean said...

You should give me the RM10 talk as I use iTalk often to call up friends,who are not using Celcom, due to the expensive call rate of Celcom to other networks.

HungWei said...

gimme gimme more... gimme more... gimme gimme more... hahahahaha...

adyla said...

your darling sister here needs it...
u know why???
to phone mommy and daddy and ge ge *cough* where i am... U know ar.. very important and it is so useful one ma....
Because ....
telecommunication is essential to connect yourself to the outside world... With i talk one can do wonder.. Wonder+wander+zander??
i mean.. like in history also they said that using communication can increase the rate of communicating easier with outsider.. And to quote Nat my beshie.... Phone is the root of life... But of course ma without credit how to phone right?? Wahahaha.... i merepek kes already.. but so creative rite*cough*

Mariuca said...

lol....I enjoyed ur conversation with dear! ;)

kimfei said...

@leo,haha..thanks for the support..

@tcmean,ala...u so rich worries la..

@hungwei, also got ma..

@adyla,ele...use tat to call ur zander also dun wan call me..sigh..heartless ppl


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