Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Singapore Walk~Singapore Science Centre

Continue from the Singapore walk.

On the next day,we plan to have a visit to Singapore Science Centre.Since I am an engineering student,this practically sound interesting to me.So,we go there by using the MRT,the most useable transport in Singapore.I really likes their public transport,it is way better than those you can get in Malaysia.

We reach the destination station around 10am as promise by my dear’s coursemates who going join us.Then,we try to find the direction to the Science Centre but there is one stupid Security guard,when we ask him about the route and which building is the Science Centre,he just simply point a building and we,the idiotic being cheated and walk for more than half an hours then only realize that the particular building that he point is some office of I-Hub.*wtf*

The actual time we need to reach the Science Centre is around 10 minutes walk from the MRT station and we spend half an hour on that.*Sigh*Anyway,at last,the Science Centre is spotted.

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Science Centre Spotted

This photo is to verify that we found the correct place!

Image Hosted by
Science Centre Verified!!

Actually this is a very heavy photo post so I would just cut my crap and let you guys see the photos.

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Main Entrance

Image Hosted by
The New Theme of the Science Centre

Image Hosted by
The Open air Waterworld

Image Hosted by
Illusion Optic

Notice the picture and the observe what you see from the rod that place at the centre there!Can you see the gentleman?Actually,I am thinking this is so genius,how the hell they can create such picture with a man hiding inside and only visible when view at such angle!I wonder??!!

Next,we went to the hall where there is the exhibition of the Mummies and reveal of the Secret of the Pharaohs.

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The Pyramid

Image Hosted by
The Mummies

Image Hosted by
Me,the AfriKim with the Guard

Personally,I like this photo very much.This show you how the galaxy being created.

Image Hosted by
How Galaxy is create,Nice kan?

Then we go for the Teslo Coil experiment.Actually they are a lot of experiment that will be conducted according to different timeslot.We only able to watch Tesla Coil experiment and another Thunderbolt experiment which I can't get the photo of the lighning.

Image Hosted by
Tesla Coil that Create the Lighning

Then,we proceed to the Quantum Tunnel which is more related to physic electronic thing.

Image Hosted by
The Quantum Tunnel

I spotted this hole which is full of mirror.I found it is very interesting if you put your head inside and check for your position.You will get fainted due to the infinity image inside the mirror.

Image Hosted by

There is a i-space hall which poses all the future technology that will become reality in our future and I guess it is just the matter of time.

Image Hosted by
My dear at i-space corridor

I kinda loves this digital pond.From the photo,you can see the leaf and the fish right?When you wave your hand on top of it,the water will splashing and the fish will move due to ur movement.Fantastic hor!!

Image Hosted by
Digital Pond

Besides,there is a Electric Shock chair that for you to experience it yourself how does it taste like when a certain of voltage flow through your body.Of course they are not using the real current.The theory is to use the vibration that will certainly vibrate at a very high frequency till you feel like you get some electric shock and you will feel numb from your hand.

Image Hosted by
Wanna try some shock of electricity?

The AfriKim hiding in the dark.*korf*korf*After the banner,I come out with this AfriKim for my new name!!*muahahaha*

Image Hosted by
Can you see me?

Can you see the lighning that flow through inside the tube?Superb awesome right?

Image Hosted by
This is how the clectric flow in such situation!!

After visiting some of the hall,we are in hurry to catch up a documentary about Mummies at their Imax Omni Theatre.The Omni Theatre is great but the documentary is kinda boring and I almost fall asleep inside there.

Around 4pm something,we move on to our next station and of course by MRT.Can you guess whats our next station?Hints:Places that started to become more happening during dinner time!

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View from MRT station


adyla said...

i wanna go..
x ajak me oso...

jesie said...

Been to Singapore many times but never took nice pictures like you. Good job and thanks for sharing.

Mischique said...

Wow...great pictures!!! I shall go there the next time I'm in Singapore!

kimfei said...

@adyla,huhuhu...u din say u wanna time loo..keke

@jesie,thnx..more photo coming..stay tune ya..

@mischique,haha..tats quite a nice place to visit,besides you also should go their Zoo..i miss the chance to go there but heard that very nice..

Rommy (Indonesia) said...

Great posting, very detail...
I've been there last year, but didn't see the mummy things. Are they new ?

Anonymous said...

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