Thursday, January 10, 2008

Off to Singapore

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When you guys reading this post,I might probably on the way to Singapore by train.I will be at Singapore until this Sunday.For my friend who still working on Friday,work harder ya...I might not be able to update my blog since I am not going to bring my lappie along.May be you shall see me reply your message once a while,so do drop me a message ya.

Anyway,I think you guys must be wonder how come I suddenly off to Singapore.Well,my explanation will be to travel around with my dear since it is such a long time I never bring her to any vacation.*very excited now*Besides,it is her daddy's birthday and they decide to celebrate it at Singapore and so I am there for the celebration.

This will be my first time to Singapore with my own passport along where I still remember my last visit is during Primary school when the time my passport is still attach to my parent's one.*lol*So,I really looking forward what I gonna see,and what I gonna experience during this four days..Till then...Do check on my blog often ya!!

P/S:I just realize that this will be my 101 th posts.I even miss out the 100 th count.*haha*Really appreciate whoever support me since I start this blog and also new readers.Without your support,I wouldn't have reach this passion to keep me going..Thanks to all!!


jijitankyy said...

Must have a great session in Singapore.
Im also the one who never step in Sg after Primary school.

Conglats for your 101th posts!
Keep up your good work~!

kimfei said...

@jijitankyy,lol..seems like you are the one that read through the whole paragraph..anyway..thnx for the support..kaka..