Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blink Blink Award from Adyla..

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Last weekend,I was surprised when Adyla mui mui send me a message at YM and also drop me a message in my message box just to remind me to collect the surprise from her.So,thats why I got my surprise.All right,I know I know,I am telling some lame joke again.What to do...I seems like overpack my schedule and now I start to worry about my Industrial Training report which will reach the deadline in 3 weeks time.

All rights,forget about those stuff first,I am suppose to feel glad to receive this very first award from Adyla.It was named "You Are So Lovely Award"Please read carefully,it is lovely award,not lonely award.So,don't ask me why people give me this so lonely award.*omg*Just realize I again telling some lame explanation again.

Before I forgot,I would like to thank Adyla for the award and you are lovely too.Seriously,I really feel happy to be one of the three to get this award that given out for the very first time from your blog.Lastly,hope you will take good care of your health and continue blog no matter how and most important advice is don't let your emotion drive you around.This is will be a very useful advice if you can practise it in the future.


adyla said...

hey thx ya 4 da advise...
you are so lonely award???
where got...
lovely ar..

kimfei said...

@adyla,haha..i am just joking la..take it easy..keke