Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Little Gathering

Some of you might know that I was back to Segamat last weekend.The time,the main purpose is to fetch my girlfriend who study at MMU Melaka back to Segamat since it is 3 weeks trimester break.What surprise me is without any planning,there are 2 of my friends also coming back.One of them coming back from Singapore and another back from Kuala Lumpur.

So,this will be a small gathering of us after.You know,it is very hard to gather all my old buddies at the same time since some of them is studying somewhere,and some is working somewhere else.Hence,I am glad that I make my way back to Segamat at this correct moment.So,let me introduce my sweet girl-friend,SerFang who is back from Singapore.

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SerFang aka Fann

She lives a very busy life at Singapore and also busy dating with her boyfriend hence it is really hard to meet her.Therefore,I must take a couple photo with her ma..

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Me and She

And next is Cheng Yong who I meet him quite often these days since he is working at Kuala Lumpur area.

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Cheng Yong and Fann

Further more,the nice windy weather bright up my day.

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At the Old Segamat Town

The weather is so nice.You hardly find such "blue sky white cloud" at Kuala Lumpur and I really miss my hometown so much.May be you would say I live at some ulu places but I rather prefer it even though there are no much entertainment in town.

Hence,we spend our night at my friend's house and enjoy the pot of tea.

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New Year planning with a pot of tea

We did talk a lot and also try our best to consult my bro whom I know him since primary school.He looks a bit depress cause he just have a crash for his 5 years relationship but anyhow,I believe he can stand up again and live life in the coolest way.

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Gi Chuan

See,I already told you,I am good in consult,especially those matters.He even try to "gorek" his eye to blame himself for being blind.*This is a joke only,just accidentally take this photo.*

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Don't get mad!!

Then my friend come out with this new idea of taking the photo.If you have good skill,then the photo suppose to looks sharp at the middle and the surround will be blur in a round shape.Note,this photo isn't photoshopped.I am still practise to take more sharp photo with such effect.*kekeke*

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Cool hor?

It is really great to meet up my old friends,but,some are still missing in some where else.I really hope to gather all of them at once so that we can talk about our old time,keep in touch with each others.I think sooner we will have the chance since the Chinese New Year is coming.Chinese New Year is always the best moments for gathering especially for the old school friend.Till then...

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Huei said...

ur fren is so cute! hehehe

Mariuca said...

Oh so cute la ur fren! Anyway, what a nice post abt ur frens! :):):)

kimfei said...

@huei,haha..thnx thnx..on behalf of her..

@mariuca,keke..you will read more about my friend during the Chinese New Year..aha..