Sunday, December 23, 2007

PhotoHunt ~ Light

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This week,I do an early preparation so that I can post my hunt just on time.The theme of the week is LIGHT.The first thing that I thinking is light makes thing visible in darkness.Hence,I quickly open my Port Dickson folder because as I remember,there are plenty of such photo being taken when I was there.

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The Corner inside El Cactus

Then I got this.Light at the corner,even though it is just a very dim lamp but it did make the corner visible and make us aware of this small little corner in El Cactus,one of my favorite bistro.I have been blog about that before but the photo looks a bit suxx..Next time,If I have chance to go there again,I promise will take better photo of it.

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Beach view of Corus Paradise

In the folder,I also found this photo.This photo is taken right before we left to our dinner at El Cactus.This is the static moment when the sunset just ended,the dark is on the way and the lamp is get ready to light up the beach side.Without those light,we can't have some walk down the beach during night and that definitely makes the beach looks more beautiful.

If you think I gonna end after the second photo then you are wrong.Today(as in Friday),I am in quite nice mood cause my girlfriend is coming to town and that definitely makes me feels great.We gonna celebrate our Christmas in KL for the first time.*lol*Sounds stupid but who cares..My mood now is just like what the photo showing,the fancy light.This photo is taken at the hall way in J.W Marriot Hotel.

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Hall way in J.W Marriot Hotel

Don't ever think that I am that rich to stay over night at there.I am just able to park my car at their parking lot since they offer RM5 per entry at Bukit Bintang area and that's attractive enough.So,which of the photo most suit the theme,Light?You are free to comment....


kljs said...

That last photo.... really a lot lights!!

Huei said...

the last one ofcourse! heheheh


kimfei said...

@kljs,haha..yea..tats correct..

@huei,yeah..merry x'mas..go Starhillz to see that light..very nice..kaka