Friday, December 21, 2007

Does Your Name Suit You?

Sometime,thing just happen in the weird way.Have you ever had experience like when you really wanted to have one thing,it just do not show up,but when you just forget about that,awkwardly the thing will comes to you,and whats make it more fantastic is the amount will be just unbelievable.

It has been long time I didn’t get any tag by others and at some point of time I wish that I was tagged cause sometime I am just run out of idea about what to blog and some little tag will at least keep my blog alive.Could you believe that,I actually got 3 tags at the same day when I not really free to do attend those tag.So,I will put some of the tags in pending mode,and those who give me mandarin tag,as usual,be patience,it may take up to few weeks time before I can post it and the reason behind is I need to translate it which makes me not really eager to do that so soon.

Obviously,after all the babbling,the clever readers should know that this post is about tag.Out of all the tags I receive,this will be the interesting one.I actually got tag by Miyuki and this will be the second tag from her.Anyway,anyone still remember the first tag that I receive in mandarin?Yeap,the tag is by her too,so I am glad this time she didn’t pass me the mandarin tag.

As you see from the title,Does Your Name Suits You?I not sure how true is this but I think this will be kinda fun to play with.This is the main reason I do this first.Have you ever wonder whats the meaning behind your name?For Chinese,normally there will be some hidden meaning or hope which imply by your Chinese name but do you know what it means in the alphabet way?This is very simple,write out your name,compare to each alphabets and you will know!

A : Fun to be around with
B : Loves to make people laugh
C :Really fall in love with
D : Is a great dancer
E : Have beautiful eyes
F :People get wild and crazy to adore you
G : Dont like people to tell you what to do
H : Easy to fall in love with
I: Love to laugh
J : Easy to have fun with
K: Really silly
L : One of the most romantic people
M : Make people laugh
N : Good bf/gf
O : EXTREMELY easy to fall in love with
P : Popular with all types of people
Q : A hypocrite
R : Can kick your ass
S : Lives life for fun
T : Great Kisser
U : Gets blamed for everything
V : Not judgmental
W : Very broad mined
X: Drop dead gorgeous
Y :Loved by everybody
Z : Lives life for fun

So,mine is KIMFEI.

K-Really silly
I-Love to laugh
M-Make people laugh
F-People get wild and crazy to adore you
E-Have beautiful eyes
I-Love to laugh

So,I may conclude that “People get wild and crazy to adore me when I looks really silly with my “beautiful eyes” but I love to laugh at others which end up make people laugh.”*korf*korf*Well,I think that is not that the way to interpret it.How on earth I have beautiful eyes?I love to laugh is true and I love to make people laugh as well but it is really silly to saying that I have beautiful eyes that makes people get wild and crazy to adore me.*Oppss..*I just got the meaning behind,do you get it??*kakaka*

After try on that,I wanted to try on my all time nick name,CAISER2KF.

C-Really fall in love with
A-Fun to be around with
I-Love to laugh
S-Lives life for fun
E-Have beautiful eyes
R-Can kick your ass
K-Really silly
F-People get wild and crazy to adore you

Well,the conclusion for this will be “I really fall in love with her.It is fun to be around with her who love to laugh,lives life for fun and will get wild and crazy to adore me even though some time I am really silly which makes you wants to kick my ass.”

I think my nickname suit me the most*Claps**Being Thick Face*Hahaha…I think I have got potential to be a fortune teller or something.Lets see these people’s name suit them or not.



3POINT8 said...

u play dota?

生番薯 said...

the K suits u...haha

Sean said...

Oh... I tried it~ Not bad, quite suitable with my good personality~ muhahahha!!

kimfei said...

@3point8,no ooo..

@生番薯,lol...say me like out oo..keke

@sean,haha...good de then suitable lor....bad de then not accurate oo..haha

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