Tuesday, December 4, 2007

One Day Job @ Cineleisure

Last Sunday,I have been assigned to take care of the booth which jointly by Maxis,MCMC and KTAK.Actually,the booth is held correspond to the KL International Film Festival.Therefore,as a MMU interns,we are request to promote on the MCC aka Mobile Challenge Content which is organise by MCMC and Maxis.

On Sunday morning,I take my own sweet time to prepare myself,and depart around 9.05am.I expect that I would reach there around 9.45 so that I can meet another two of my friend for breakfast at Big Apple.Again,it is out of my expectation,in this case doesn't mean I am late,actually I reach 20 minutes earlier as there is no traffic along the LDP highway.I rarely see LDP with so less traffic and then only I realise that today is Sunday and for sure everybody is still sleeping in the lovely nest while I,the early bird,go out so early just to eat at Big Apple.Well,actually I not really care about that..a job is a job,and I am still an interns so nothing can do about it.

Luckily,my friend even reach there earlier than me.When I am looking for the car park,Steven already rang me up and ask me to meet at the Big Apple.So,after a while waiting for another lovely lady,Liken,we have our breakfast at Big Apple.This will be my first time to eat Big Apple donuts and it taste great.Now,Big Apple or J.Co will be my choice,no more Dunkin Donuts.

Around 11am,we reach our booth.I really feel pathetic,the booth is just hiding far at the corner site.I bet nobody will spotted us.When we reach there,others company or organisation representative already there and the thing already well setup.

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The Booth

For your information,the Mobile Challenge Content is open for all university student.It is a competition about to invent some new mobile application.For this year winner,they actually doing a system to check whether the food offering in market is either Halal or Non-Halal.For more information,you may refer to Here.

After a while of arranging the booth,the fliers and the form,chit-chatting a bit with my friend,I started feel boring,so I take out my camera and shoot around.

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Steven and Liken

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The Banner for MCC Second Runner UP

I even boring till rearrange the fliers,and try different angle to shoot on it.Others saw me like I am an idiot cause I keep shoot on those not really interestiong object but I don't care la..I just wanna try how to take those photo that we can obviously see which subject that is to be focus and which is to be left out type.I not sure is that call DOF(Depth of Field) but seems like I slowly manage to get the right picture that I want.

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The fliers

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Different Arrangement

After we back from lunch at about 2 something,we still wondering how the hell we could pass our time till 7pm since we have been told that the booth will only close at 7.

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My Sunday is just dull like the picture

But..Hmm..I guess we are the lucky one,cause one of the staff there tell us they probably will close at 3 and it is just few more minutes to reach 3.*woo~hoo...*

After the booth was closed,I,the only one have to hang around at The Curve to wait my others friend to drop by since they say they want to come The Curve and it had been such a long time I never met them.While waiting,again,I shoot around as usual.Seems like shooting using my camera become my routines while waiting others.Here is the beautiful X'mas decoration in The Curve Centre court.

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The Curve Centre Court

I shall post more photos and the gathering in my next post.

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3POINT8 said...

WoW! very beautiful deco in the Curve...

Hahah...so bored there meh??
no business!!!

kljs said...

invent some mobile application? wow...... got any response?


miCheLle said...

i love the curve tis year deco...so nice can the house soooooo BIG got the feel XD

Huei said...

cool! nice decorations!

wah..job ends at 3! so nice! um..got any to intro ar? =P heheh

kimfei said...

@3point8,yealo..no ppl have interest in such boring booth ba...


@michelle,yealo..too bad they not allow ppl go further inside..else really nice ler.

@huei,haha..looking for part time oo??ask ur friend about PC fair got or not loo..not bad also geh..

生番薯 said...

wsah...i like Xmas...I love xmas...
btw...litken o liken??

kimfei said...

@生番薯,hehe..i am ok only..but the view really nice..is liken

ven said...

hey, its maxis, mcmc and ktak la friend. ltt global is one of the mentor who guided the participants, wrong info ni LOL.

kimfei said...

@ven,ooo..okok..change it now..

zhong said...

for ur so called "DOF", i think it is easier if u using macro

kimfei said...

@zhong,yeap,but still,with the AF on,still hard,so i use MF and choose to focus on some area only..tats how i get..