Monday, December 3, 2007

Third Gathering of TeleGangz

Last Saturday,the TeleGangz having another gathering.This time,we decide to meet at Sunway Pyramid.Phew..finaly,some new place other than One Utama.With the new opening wing,the Pyramid is just look a bit different from my previous visit.There are a lot of addtional shop lots and the most important thing is--->J.CO going to open a branch inside Sunway Pyramid.I think after it open,I will at least visit there once a week since Sunway Pyramid is quite near to where I am staying right now.

So,as usual,where we say gather around 2,then probably all will be reach by 3pm.I purposely go out a bit late at around 1.30pm something,with the expect of little traffic jam,I reached Sunway at around 2.15 but still I am the first one to reach there...really speechless!!But then thats normal in KL since everywhere also having heavy traffic jam.So,I just take my own sweet time playing with my camera while waiting for others.

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Midway in Pyramid

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Sweet Couple

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X'mas is coming...

Around 2.50pm,thank god all of them had reach the checkpoint.After some discussion about what to have for our lunchie,someone suggest to dine in Hartz Chicken Buffet.For your information,this restaurant already move to new wing.So,after the asking and searching session to look for this particular restaurant,at last..

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Hartz Chicken @ Sunway Pyramid New Wing

At first,I thought there will be a wide variety choices of chicken but I feel quite disappointed as they only served fried chicken,roast chicken and some others chicken that I not really like..

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Potato Chips and Spicy Fried Chicken

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My favourite,Mash Potato

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Sweet Sour Crispy Toufu

But still,my friend who starved since early in the morning,is so excited to eat all those chicken after paying for about RM18++ per person and can you guys guess how many pieces of chicken did he ate?No?All rights,here is a hint.

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Chicken King~LuHeng

Still can't guess it??All rights,he actually ate 9 pieces of those spicy fried chicken and another friend of mine eat 8 pieces.So,you might think I will rather go up around 6 pieces but I tell you are so wrong.I can't even finish my second piece.Of course I ate those side dish such as the Thai Taste like Toufu,Mash Potato and a cup of ice cream.They absolutely earn by paying RM18++ for 9 pieces of fried chicken.*fainted*

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Hide and Seek~WoonLee version

While we planning where is our next station,this cutie WoonLee who dress like a lady ,well,she is a lady in fact,play hide n seek in the middle of somewhere/sunway.*double fainted*

At last,the gangz come out with a smart conclusion,the girls go for shopping while guys just go to look for your own entertainment.After that,we are going to watch movie at night.

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The Girls~Nicole,Shiqi,Susan,HuiLi and WoonLee

So,since we guys are a normal ordinary good guys,for sure we likes something that have round in shape,nice to hold object,agree me not?Not agree??

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Bowling Mania

Yeah..we guys like bowling a lot.And what I can say is Sunway Bowling centre is much much much better than the U-Bowl in One Utama.

At night,we separate to two groups,some of them go for Enchanted but since I already watched it,so I watched Hitman.After all,this movie is quite nice.Now I understand what Boss Stewie talking about,I bet even Leah Dizon sleep on his bed he also will do nothing.After the movie,thats the edn of the gathering since I need to work on Sunday at Cineleisure,at one of the booth for KL International Film Festival.


Leo said...

ish..i m so damn ugly la..
y put tat photo?*vomit*
i not playing hide n seek lor..
is bcoz got ppl ask me go back myself that time lor..hahaa..
happy to go out..but still..unable to sing k!!!!geram!!!!

Mariuca said...

Hi Kim Fei, your friend Nicole is pretty!

It's been ages since I went ice skating at Sunway Pyramid. Should really visit SP soon what with the new wing and all! :):):)

yung . said...

Wasehh! Nicole as pretty as usual and huili become prettier adi wo! The rest like no change oso...

kimfei said...

@leo,lol.sing inside bathroom loo..

@mariuca,yeah,she is a pretty gal and her bday is coming too..kaka..just turn to 22..but already not avaiable..haha.and you really should pay a visit to there,just tat the parking fees is very expensive..

@yung.,lol...yung u seems like long time no see gals d..comment on how pretty they are pula..

生番薯 said...

Wow...Ur photo taking skill damn nice man...i like the Xmas coming photo!!!!!!!

kimfei said...

@生番薯,hehe..thnx least have some improvement compare to the time i just get my camera..hehe

S3R said...

yet again miss the chance to join u all... haiz~

kimfei said...

@s3r,hehe...join us during X'mas ya..keke