Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Curve~Marche~The Street

This will be another photo heavy post as I lazy to write much.

As what I said,I walked around inside The Curve,alone,while waiting for my friend to reach in about 30 minutes time.All the thing I do is to play around with my camera,shoot here,shoot there like a geek while bringing my lappie in my big backpack.So here is what I got during the waiting period.

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The Curve Centre Court

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Cup Cake Corner

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Yummy Yummy Cup Cake

Actually there are much photo but I would like to save the place for others photo which will be show later.

After the long waiting,at last,my friends reach the centre court and the first thing they say to me is,"Wah,the deco so beautiful!",then after looking at my camera,"Wah,luckily you got bring camera!I wan take photo!!"and hence I proceed to be the photographer of them to take photo around.Well,actually I am happy to do so cause we got nothing to shop at The Curve.

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Joyce and Me

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Snowman and Ah Kit

After that,we proceed to IKEA.You must be wonder for what the hell you guys go IKEA??*korf* "Aiyoh..I just like to walk in IKEA ma,cannot ka?"
"OKok,we go there so that we can have some rest on the sofa la.."

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Damn comfortable ler..

After the good rest in IKEA,we go back to The Curve to wait another two friends to reach to join us for dinner.While waiting,we see this--->Yokomon.

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Joyce is really kind enough to treat us the ice cream..hehe*Actually I forgot to pay her the money*Thanks Joyce for the yummy yummy ice cream.Whats so special about this ice cream?Hmm..they have a lot of flavour,the special part is that for any flavour you order,the ice cream actually come in a cup but if you notice the guy in the photo,actually he is trying to make the ice cream into sundae cone like ice cream by using that machine.The taste quite nice.I choose the green tea flavour.If you guys are ice cream lover,should give it a try,the price is average about RM6++ for 1 cone.

After that,we had our dinner at Marche.Yeap,this will be my second visit to Marche.After all,I quite like the feel at there,the only thing that will stop me from visiting there will be the price.Now,the sousage already become my favourite.*keke*

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For your information,this will be the first time I try to edit and combine all those photo into one and I think my product is not really nice,so please forgive me this lack of arts sels people.

After the food session,proudly present you the Bachelor of the Year 2007..*korf*korf*

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Phua is my housemate at Melaka and I have not seen him since the trimester break while Ah Kit is my ex-housemate.For the last one,Ah Geek,hmm..he is my coursemate,do you notice his hand in the photo is a bit blur?Well,actually he is trying to do some stunt with his gifted finger..*ghrrrgrr*If anyone of you have interest,you may contact me geh.*haha* Sound like gigolo market..haha..all right,all of them still single and available.And I am sorry for not putting myself in the list because I already occupied.*kakakaka*

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Occupied = No More Single

Occupied by who??Of course not by her la...

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Joyce and Me in Marche

Before go out from Marche,we have our group photo.

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Group Photo

It is already 8pm when we out from Marche,as you all know,the night scene at The Street is very beautiful but the time when I at there is a bit special.Whats the special thing?I will let the photo to talk ya.Enjoyz..

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and at last...Merry Christmas..

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Haha,I know I know,not yet ma..hehe,the feel already there so just can't control myself.
Merry Christmas~~~


Yatz said...

why the curve so nice 1..that time the gathering not nice 1..


kljs said...

everyone in Christmas mood already.
still isn't even Christmas yet...

3POINT8 said...

Merry xmas!

yung . said...

You gila! where got so fast christmas one!!??


kimfei said...

@yatz,yealo..last time gathering,the deco still havent up yet..i only see those x'mas tree all tied up..

@kljs,haha..dun care la..just enjoy can d..keke

@3point8,haha..Merry X'mas..

@yung,haha...sama sama gila lor..i dun mind geh...

yipguseng said...

nice~~~~~~ i was there on last sat, said got some special event, but too bad i can't stay until too late for that :(

like the curve, they always had their place well decorate, their decoration i can say is far better than 1U and Pyramid

kimfei said...

@yipguseng,i havent go 1U,but i know it is better than Pyramid..hehe..who already go Pavillion?Nice ar not??

kljs said...

I don't enjoy Christmas, but I enjoy my birthday, which is somewhere near Christmas...

Mariuca said...

Wow wow wow to the lovely pics! Love the first one most! :):):)

kimfei said...

@mariuca,hehe..tonite i goin there celebrate my friend's bday..kaka

jijitankyy said... come 3 of the bachelor,2 of them are my coursemates ><
Haih.They must be regret to study Mechanical.

Btw,the deco really amazing.

kimfei said...

@jijitankyy,lol...u got into wrong major d...kakaka...yealo..the feels there very nice..