Wednesday, November 7, 2007


If you are follow close enough to me..opps.not me!Its my blog,then you might figure out that recently there is an extra widget that stay in my side bar.Just in case you haven't found that,here is a print screen of it...

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What i would like to say is,its content is quite useful actuall,you know why??Because,it did advertise my camera FZ8 which is in a quite high rank..*happy*happy*..LOL.Forget about what I am just saying and lets cut the crap...

Yeap,the widget is named WidgetBucks,may be we can interpret it as a widget thats makes bucks,sound interesting rights..Well,it definitely makes bucks and it is in US dollars.It is a very easy do,easy gain advertisement widget.All you need to do is sign up for it,customize the widget the will appear in your blog site and at last,earn your money from your reader's click.

For those haven't sign up for this,you must quickly grab your chance now as the WidgetBucks is rolling a $25 sign-up bonus currently.Thats mean,once you sign-up,you already have your $25 in your bucks account and thats make it faster for you to receive your first cheque.

Besides,there is another interesting bucks earning method which makes this WidgetBucks more interesting.You may put the referral tools in your site to participate in the referral program.You may earn a 10% referral fees based on the commisions earned by the people you refer.

So,why wait??Just join this widgetbuck and you may have additional earning tools for your blog!!For those who wanna join,just click on the icon below and you may join me for the bucks making journey and at the same time you also helping me...*blink*blink* Or you can always find the referral icon at my sidebar.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!


733ling said...

haha... then if i register then mah need to put as my referer lo... hohoho.... :P

Michael Woo said...

Let me join under you :)

kimfei said...

733ling : hehe,nice la,keke
Michael Woo :thnx a lot o,hehe,come more often ya