Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Life During Internship

Normally, students tend to ask why we need to study so much,why we need to study for such a long period,why can’t we just skip the student’s life and jump into the Social University??and those students who say like this must be an inexperience noob just like me.I used to asking such question deep in my heart,why can’t I just quit study,find a job and start earn money…until the day of my turn to do the job rehearsal ------->INDUSTRIAL TRAINING

As you all know,I am currently doing my internship in the Telco company,Maxis @Shah Alam.What I can say is,the life of training is damn boring and still,this is only the job rehearsal which means we still haven’t really face the reality of the “world”.Every morning,around 8 something,I shall wake up,wash up myself and preparing to go to work.This is the fresh look of mine early in the morning.

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Freshy Me

Once we step into our office,we need to set the timer and count down to our lunch hour which is at 1pm.Once we back from lunch,we reset out timer again to count the times toward the end of the working hours.The life in office is colourless…..We have to do everything which are requested by our boss,or we might need to pretend like we are very busy so that our boss won’t think that we are those people who like to “eat snake”.Guys,remember the advice which is delivered by “someone”..*blink*blink*

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What I can say is during this period of internship days,my life is just bored till the max,everyday doing the exactly samething.My life is without my girlfriend even though she is always deep in my heart,but,I miss her so much and this is one of the reason why I want to rush back to my hometown last weekend.

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My d3ar

My life is dull without the tele gangz by my side.I really miss the day we went for steamboat..the old days we go to Red Square,sing K in the giant VIP room…

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TeleGangz @Steamboat

And nonetheless,the day when we travel to Perhentian Island….the moment we step on the island..the comedies that direct by the whole gangz…I just have to say,TELE GANGZ ROCKZ!!

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TeleGangz @Perhentian Island

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TeleGangz Group Photo

When we are working,that absolutely means that we are too far away from our vacation.It is so hard to arrange a date where everybody is free,when everybody is available to gather around and go for vacation.The time will reach soon,where some of us become a big boss that hardly to take his/her time just to join the old gangz,or even hangout for vacation.

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Redang Beach

After the moment of joy,I also miss the time when we getting nervous,doing our presentation in panic way and end up with a wide smile after the presentation.This is the thing that you can only experienced during your uni life.

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After Mock Meeting

The lucky part is now I am only doing the internship and not the real work that I will be facing soon.I still have the chance to hang around with my gangz…

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Portion of TeleGangz @One Utama

And the most lucky part is I have two colleague which are very nice,both of them likes to “debate” or more suitable in Chinese word so call “Xiang Shen”..lol..I bet if one of them is opposite sex to another,they might probably end up become a lovely couple.Both of them proudly bring us joy moment and dim some color to our working hours.Proudly introduce to you,See Mean and Alex.

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See Mean

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Present you the No.1 Favour Photo of Mine

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The Route

At last,this is the view that I like the most,not because of the beauty of the road,not because of the nice weather nor the blue sky..It is mainly because this is the route that I need to follow everyday when I am back from work. So,my internship life is not that bad compare to my others friend who had their hard time in current moment.Hence,I shall feel glad and enjoy it no matter how.


yung . said...

Woot you manage to make your writing space so widew wo, good for your quality pics.

Btw, your fresh look pic looked exactly like the pic you display on the sidebar LOL! It's just the clothes that you are wearing is different. It seems that you didn't change at all hor..

Jian said...

haha yalo the pic really look like the one at the sidebar XD

haihh miss u all too ler... :(

kimfei said...

yung : lol..you didnt say i also havent notice ler..haha..nice wat..coz the sidebar pic is the most slim look of mine so far since alpha year..lol..tats mean now i almost same with the shape d la..kaka

jian : haha...i miss miao too..keke..today so free ar?

生番薯 said...

wah wah...so nice...pretend...i dun wan work...i wan study life for my entire life...or maybe life without working o studying but still i can survive...hehe

kimfei said...

生番薯 : I think majority also wan to live life like this ba..haha..if not..where got so many ppl go to buy 4D ler..

Michael Woo said...

internship ar.. I suffer b4 T_T

Mariuca said...

Oh she's a cutie Kimfei!! Sorry to hear ur missing ur friends, but u should really enjoy ur studying days. My uni years were the best of my life and sometimes I wish I could go back there again...sigh...! :):):)

Genie Princess

kimfei said...

michael woo : first..thnx for drop by and leave me a comment..really appreciate that..n yealo..internship life really boring till max..

mariuca : hehe...i have to say thanks on behalf of her liao..kaka..yealo..even though i am doin 3 weeks of internship currently..but i kinda miss the uni life