Monday, November 19, 2007

What A Guy Will Do During the Boring Saturday

What will you do for the workless weekend?Sleep till late in the afternoon..or wake up earlier to have some exercise after a hectic week?Just as you all know,my body alarm is much more precise and efficience than my phone alarm,what I mean is you might forget to set the alarm from your phone but my body alarm will never turn me down.Thats means,I wake up 8 in the morning again and I have nothing to do but just lay on the sofa,read some magazine to pass my time.

When I still thinking what is my plan for my boring Saturday,then I got a sms from my housemate,asking me to play badminton in the afternoon and that’s absolutely my favor.I think is is more than a month since I last play badminton at Melaka and I miss the game so much.The main reason is I am growing weight and my waist is…you know la..after all those Italiannies,Kim Gary,Wong Kok and those fast food.Seriously,I need to exercise more.

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Badminton Session

After the badminton game,actually I got invited by the friendly blogger,Hung Wei to join a bloggers gathering and at the same time celebrate Mich birthday but I couldn’t make it cause I got another outing with my hometown friends who study at UTAR.Anyhow,I would like to wish Mich,Happy Birthday ya and I bet you have a great birthday celebration with those bloggers who attend the gathering.

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Wong Kok Restaurant

So,for my dinner, I am having Wong Kok again..gosh..just shake out some fat and now gain more..LOL.I am meeting my friends at One Utama again since they say they hardly have chance to come all the way to One Utama since their UTAR is located at Sg Long.

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My Hometown's Friend Cheng Chan and the pretty girl,Jessy from Sabah

After the dinner,we have a walk at One Utama and we found there is a Digi RoadShow which crossover with the Sony Ericsson event,but so sad we couldn’t found any Yellow man around.All we can find is the Yellow man board and here is my friends who like Yellow Man so much till they wanna be part of them.

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Yellow Dude,Cheng Yong

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Yellow Buddy,Cheng Chan

For me,I am not that crazy fans of Yellow Man and I prefer to stand aside and have a photo with the Yellow buddy.

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Yellow Dude and Yellow Buddy friendly neighborhood,Kim Fei

Today might not be a boring Saturday for me...huh..sounds weird??You must be wondering why I suddenly change my mind,right?Look at the photo then you will know why…

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The Pretty ShowGal

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One More

You must be thinking..ele..Kim Fei so cheap,some pretty show girls already can turn the boring Saturday night into a night full of colour,especiall YELLOW??

Come on,how could I satisfy by just taking few photo??*LOL*Sounds like I am a pervert.I am not,OK!!After that,we thought to catch a movie at One Utama GSC but so sad the timing isn’t that suitable so turn out we are having fun in the U-Bowl playing pool.*hehe*Your eyes don’t have any problem la,we are playing pool and some other games inside U-Bowl except bowling.

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Jessy pose in front of the Pool Table

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Call me Pro..hehe

The party is just begin.After the game,we are join by a special guest.*Welcoming Drums*

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Ta da..The Pretty ShowGal,Chia Chin

We are join by the pretty show girl just now..hehe..envy or not??Okay la,I better stop fooling around else my girlfriend with get mad very soon.The girl is actually a friend of mine since secondary school,I know her since I am Form 3,a very sweet and pretty girl.It has been a very long time I didn’t meet her and that really makes the Saturday night become very interesting.

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Group Photo,From Left:Jessy,Cheng Chan,Me,Chia Chin and Cheng Yong

Since she say she still need to work on the next day,so we decide to give her a ride to Wangsa Maju,and yum cha at the Restorans BRJ.

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Restorans BRJ

I am quite happy actually because it is such a long time we didn’t contact each other and now we have chance to meet again.That kind of feeling is really great.The only bad thing is she need to work the next morning so we cannot have a really good chat till very late.After send her home,I follow my friends to his house at Sg Long and stay overnight at his place.

You always heard about girls are having those pillow talk bla bla why not for guys??Once a while,it is really great to have a talk with my hometown buddies because when we getting older and older,the chances for us to meet up,and have a nice talk is less and less especially once your buddy is married,that would be really hard.

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Chivas ReGal

This is the basic thing that we need for guys talk.All rights,I am just kidding.My friend offer me this kind of liquor rather than those soft drink.You think he is so kind?No way,whats left in the bottle is just able to give us three half cup of liquor,but nevermind,I would like to have a try on this one since usually I only drink beer or vodka,and this might be a new thing for me.

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Drunk and Fainted Night

After the drink and some talk till late nights,we end up like this.I not really get used to the taste of it and I still suffering when I having my lunch on the next day.This is what I do to change my boring Saturday to a wonderful one and how about yours?


S3R said...

when in KL is sure go eat eat eat or shopping shopping shopping 1 lar.... if dun take care sure grow sideways XD You think chivas is bad? u should try bombay... haha

kimfei said...

@s3r, ppl suggest Black Label boh...hehe..I am not that addict to alcohol la..

kljs said...

drink until you dropped?

kimfei said...

@kljs,lol..havent drop la..just small portion nia..

3POINT8 said...

Badminton. Its also been very long since I last play the game..
BRJ!!!! Gosh, I miss that place!
Anyway, looks like you have a lot of happening friend with a lot of happening places to go!

adyla said...

eyg ge ge menggatal ye???
wait i tell jie jie...
im in devilish mood...

Mariuca said...

The yellow buddy is so cute! Wah ur gf tak jealous ke u taking pics with all those pretty gals? ;)

kimfei said...

@3point8,hehe..quite lucky for me for having those friends,some more I am still new to KL,haha,,just stay here for about a month my friends are so kind to hang around v me..

@adyla,shhhh...dun tell la...kaka..u tis devil mei mei...ishhh

@mariuca,ermm..not sure oo..haha..she won't la..

生番薯 said...

i also wanna become show girl...their pay very high one

kimfei said...

@生番薯,haha...u may go to seek one..but according to my friend la..the agent take the big portion..else they can earn more lor..

KOKahKOK said...

ya...fuyoh cute! haha

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