Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Web Album

My friend always ask me where do I hide those that I post and promise to upload.Some even complain that blogspot is very slow in loading the photo.So,since this few days I am quite free,I had work it out my web album.

At first,I am thinking to use the flickr since everybody is using.So,i just sign in using my Yahoo account,set it up and upload my photo.The upload speed is kinda slow since I cannot use the tool in my office.So,I just upload some of it and then only I found that there is a limit to create set for the photo for free account.Thats totally not the way I want it.Here is the printscreen of it.Well,if you guys like to view it from Flickr,you may click here.

Image Hosted by
Flickr Page

Since I am not really satisfy with it.I decide to search around and I found another photo host which is but too bad I can't upload the photo by using its tool from the office since the java application being blocked by the firewall.So,this morning,I just started to work it on Picasa Web Album.Surprisingly,the upload speed is very fast even though I am just using the basic uploaded from the IE browser.After the hardwork of mine,here is how it looks.All the photo is organise according to the category.So,I just able to upload portion of it until now.So,just enjoy the photo so far ya..For my Picasa Web Album,please click here.

Image Hosted by
Picasa Web Album

You may always find the link at my sidebar.Enjoy!!


Jasonmumbles said...

Why didn't try PhotoBucket?

kljs said...

I think Picasa 2 is the better choice when it comes to albums. In my opinion.

kimfei said...

@jasonmumbles, just never come across my mind,but then nvm lor..i quite like the picasa now..haha

@kljs,yaya..I also think it is..

生番薯 said...

u pro til can teach lesson d...wah~~~

kimfei said...

@生番薯,huh??wat teach lesson??I just saying I got 2 web album only properly ler...ishh