Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Dear

Seriously,after such an over enjoyed weekend,I am having a serious Monday Blue this morning.

This morning,while listening to the Hitz.Fm about the JJ and Rudy's Monday Blue story and song,I didn't even aware that I just got mine.Have you ever see a guy,driving to the working place steadily since he is going out earlier and the time management is just great,and then just about 2 more junction before he reach the office,then only he found that he had left the handphone back in the house since the phone is not inside his pocket.Since the time is still allow the guy to get his handphone by driving all the way back which will takes around 10 minutes time,this is actually what he did and he is glad that he went out earlier which now allow him to make his way back to take the handphone.When the time he reach the front gate of the house,he makes his move to open the door and just the second before it,his housemate who is also inside car shout on him,"Hey,I found your handphone la,it is at the driving seat!"And I think you can imagine how does it feels right!!Yay..that stupid fellow of course is me lor..So,now you are agree with me right..I really having a serious Monday Blue.!@#$@#%#$^^$%&!@#*Damn blur mode*

All rights,lets cut the crap and see what actually makes me having such deep shit in the early morning.Last weekend,my schedule can consider full as I am attending the bloggers gathering on Friday night,rush back to Melaka on the next morning and travel back to Shah Alam during Sunday night.This is so tiring..I shall updates on the bloggers gathering when I get all the photo from others.

Today is my dear's birthday and this is the main reason why I am rushing back to Melaka on Saturday morning.Even though I cannot celebrate with her during the exact date of her birthday which is today,but I am glad I still make my way for her pre-celebration.

This will be the fifth birthday which I celebrates with her and its her 21 years old birthday as well.So,on Saturday night,we are actually having the celebration together with her friends and coursemate at a bistro in Melaka named Amigo.

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Random Photo

Since my dear is an Accounting Student,so majority of her friends are girls as well.Don't try to ask me for their phone number or any contact cause thats the first time I met them as well.May be you couldn't believe that but I am just telling the truth.Yeap,I seldom hang out with them and I am the so called "invisible" boyfriend to them.

Image Hosted by
Group Photo,Can you spot my dear??

All the guys that appear in the photo are the boyfriend to those who they are hugging.So,you know la,others status I not really sure ya.*LOL

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Group photo with the 3 luckiest guys in it

This two fellows are the late comer that actually miss out the group photo.Anyway,it is always better late than never,so cheers for them.

Image Hosted by
Seems like I am have a daughter and son in law

Of course,birthday celebration must always include the cake cutting ceremony so here it come-

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Cake from Secret Recipe

For sure never left out the sweet couple photo.

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My dear and Me

After the birthday song,cake cutting and its time for birthday present.This is the moment when you get heart attack if you have bunch of friends that is so called "Open Minded".

Image Hosted by
My dear and her gifts

Why I say so?You should really check it out clearly.Who ever guess it right,sorry prize but you win my salutes!!*hehe*

Image Hosted by
Can you guess it right?

I think I should stop here cause I really in serious blur mood.At last,my words to my dear,my darling.Whoever thats feels it is a "yiaks",don't ever look at the statement cause it will really cause your bulu all stand up.So take your own risk.(To view it,just highlight at below)

"Muaks,Dear arr,Happy Birthday and I love you so much.I hope I will be the one who celebrates with you on your coming birthday!Love Ya"

P/S :Shall update on the bloggers gathering once I got all the photo from others.So,just be patience ya!


生番薯 said...

condom n sexy under?!haha....u guys can use together lo...Mauahahaha

kljs said...

at lease condom can use....... sexy under can wear....

one of my friend gave a dog chain to another friend...... on her to use dog chain?

leo said...

monday blue a..i oso whole morning nth to do..somemore headache..
i know ur gf's frens..the 2 late comer..the gal is my fren..
wish ur gf happy birthday..

kimfei said...

@生番薯,fuyoh..u damn pro la..must be used b4..LOL

@kljs,haha...use ur imagination chain just use to chain the dog la wei..

@leo, time if got chance met them,i just tell them..haha..

3POINT8 said...

Awww....thats sweet!!

kljs said...

no dogs lar.... that's why..... the friend don't like animals....

ahlost said...

*LOL* Happy Birthday to KimFei's darling :P

kimfei said...

@kljs,lol..okok..then i also dunno how liao..

@ahlost,hey hey..thanks for the wishes

kimfei said...


Mariuca said...

Happy Birthday to ur dear! :) What did u get her for b'day pressie? :)

Calvin's Wife said...

*yuc..* wukakka no larh I wont... kakakka...

ANyways, your dearie is such a sweet girl, happy birthday from me to her... may she have loads of happy birthdays to come in the future ;)

kimfei said...


@calvin's wife,fuyoh..u dare to *yuc over here,then is my time to slap you wuakakaka..keke*jkjk*give some face ok..
thnx for the wishes ya..