Monday, October 8, 2007

Port Dickson Trip Part I

Ouch...sorry guys..I 've been missing this few days after the end of my final exam..hehe,don't worry,nothing happen on me.It is just that there are plenty of activity plan by my coursemate.

As many of my friend say,after final exam,must play till max..enjoy till max..crazy till maxXXX..and the consequence of all this is tired till maxXXX!!!I am so dead tired when I back from Port Dickson.The night after back from PD,I really sleep without day and night..all the way sleep only.Fine,I know you guys not interest at all on how long I can sleep..forget about it.Lets start the journey of the so call "Play~Enjoy~Crazy till Max Program"@~@

The journey start on 4 October 2007,the last day of my final exam.I had been join some of the Tele Gangz members to Alai Ikan Bakar.This is the first time I go there after heard of so many people saying that Alai Ikan Bakar very "cun"!!Well,my opinion is,the food taste so so only,may be we go to the wrong stall as there are plenty of Ikan Bakar stall nearby.For more detail and picture,you may refer to here because I didn't take any photo of it.I suggest next time we can go Umbai Ikan Bakar there,I think there will be nicer,in term of food and also the view since Umbai is a Jeti Besar while Alai is just beside the small river.

Hmm..I know what are you thinking,this place is not the Alai Ikan Bakar and I am not inside the photo as well.The peoples inside the photo is another Tele Gangz members who have dinner at which also as the farewell dinner for Yung.Yung,you promise to edit my head into this photo one,don't forget about that.I am so sad why I can't split into half so that I can join both the gathering.

After the so so Alai Ikan Bakar,we heading to Red Square in Melaka Raya to sing K.It is such a long time since the last time we go sing K,everybody is enjoy singing,and this time,we are join by the SH without E from our Tele Gangz.You all really can sing..we should go K more often~hehe~

Before we left,the group photo is a MUST.Look at me..I am so dead tired after torture by the Law Exam,my eyes can't even open..damn blur!

But still,I wan enjoy,I wan play,I wan do all those I can't do during exam.Hence,even though I reach home around 2am,with a dead tired body,I still watch drama series,surf net,read others blog..until 5am something just sleep and early in the morning,we are departing to the next station~~Port Dickson.For the first time,I need not drive to there.We follow the Kampung route instead of the highway to make our journey more adventurous.

And this is also the first time I go for vacation without booking the accommodation.We decide to survey the resort then only decide.The first stop is at Bayu Beach Resort.The environment looks nice,but we decide to survey more.

Lobby of Bayu Beach Resort

Swimming Pool of Bayu Beach Resort

Next,we reach Corus Paradise Resort.I have been here 3 years ago with my girlfriend.I quite like the feel of the resorts.

Loot at the girls,tak sabar sabar want take a look on the environment.At the entrance,there is a big cage,and a lot of birds living inside.

Interesting scene.I guess this two parrots is dating when we reach there.They must be feel so "txlxn" since all of us keep taking pictures of them.If they can speak,this will be what they say.
Parrots:"you sxxker,take what photo??never see parrots dating arr??Don't ka ka cao cao la,I parrots wan muaks muaks la..duh!!"

The staircase to the Corus Paradise Lobby

Swimming Pool View

The view from the lobby

The weather is so hot,the sun is so big,but,beach is always link to sun.Cantonese always say "Yong Guong Hoi Tan",now you know the meaning ya..At last, we decide to live in this resort.

The seaside of Corus Paradise is actually a gulf where we can play all the water sports in this area.

All of us enjoy the environment and chit chatting by the pool side.Hey brother,your ketiak open so wide,no wonder I smell something la..LOL..

The Gulf of the Corus Paradise Resort


The photo is taken during the evening time.I feel so relax,when you sit by the seaside,enjoy the breeze..arghh..I am in paradise..

Group photo of Tele Gangz.Pity the only robotic guy who join us.

This is the picture I like the most.Everything looks so peace.I just can't describe how I feel at that moment..peace..

Another favourite photo.View from the gulf during evening time.It just looks like a lake where the surface is a big mirror..nice scene!!

To be continue...

p/s:Sorry for the long post..actually there are still a lot to post b'coz I want to make everything in detail.This is one of the wonderful trip I ever join.Thank you guys,you all really roxX~~


yung . said...

I love the second last pic! Saying the pic looks nice will only be an understatement.

Too bad lor I missed the fun.

生番薯 said... nice the pd...regret!!!

kimfei said...

yung : i just dunno how to describe how much i love it..any word can describe such feeling ar??

生番薯 : muahahaha...already ajak you de ma...really syok..

mapo said...

i wan those come i dun hav 1?

kimfei said...

mapo : sorry oo..those photo is take using my hp camera..forgot to transfer it..

Anonymous said...

nice trip..thx u guys...^^ but veri sayang no liquor at dat nite lar... next time wen u wan buy heineken muz ask louder .... wahahhah..

kimfei said...

yannhoong : time I will shout out time we go for liquor ya..haha

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