Friday, October 5, 2007

Can you smell it??

Guys,I smell something,I smell the fresh air,the air of freedom.I am now flying up above the sky,just feel so high..I really likes eagle,I like the feel of freedom.

Yeap Yeap,at last the last paper is over,hopefully can get the grade that I expect.After around two weeks of fully study mode life,it had come to the end.Thank you guys for the outing to Alai Ikan Bakar.For my opinion,the food is so so only lor,but I did appreciate that we can dine in together even though some gang of us is missing.

A big thank to all of you.

Finaly,I smell the air of freedom,today is just amazing.It had been such a long time we didn't went out sng K together,yum cha together.For later time,we might getting less and less chances to hang out together as majority of us is going for training,but for sure,I will remember and miss all of you.For those in KL area,don't forget our gathering ya,for those outside KL area,you may join us once a while too.

Now is late in the mid night,physically feel so tired but mentally,I am so excited,since the start of study week,I can't sit in front of my lappie,surf net in such relax mode.When I thinking of the coming outing,I am just too excited.We are going to Port Dickson tomorow.It may sound so ridiculous,what is it so excited for just going Port Dickson.Well,you may understand how excited could it be when you stay in hell for two week.

Port Dickson will just be a paradise for you.

Well,of course the photo is not showing you the Port Dickson beach,

but still,it is much much better than stay in hell.At least,again,I can smell the fresh air.*hopefully no weird smell from the beach*I think I better sleep now,must fully charge my energy for the trip!!Enjoy to the max before the training....


jasmin84 said...

Good lar!~ at last ur finals are over,man
tis sem is ur last sem izit?
happy hols!!!

kimfei said...

jasmin84 : exam is over..but still got another sem of sem goin to industrial training loo

jijitankyy said...

Last nite i was having a good sleep too.
Really tension during the exam period,now can mentally relax and enjoy ourself to the fullest.~~

Happy training~

kimfei said... till crazy to the max...