Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Boring Post keep Coming

Ya ya...I know many of you finish your exam already..don't show off over there.
Still left one day to freedom,sigh..extremely no mood to study,some more is the most boring subject.Why??!!@???

Today paper almost pissed me off,luckily still manage to answer some of it,at least won't fail.I think thats the lucky part of the hassle battle.*sigh*

Actually,I am very blur now and piss off by the person who ask me go back study...damn it,no need so "lan si" one,even you are joking but I gonna tell you that's over my limit.If I want to study,of course I will,you don't want to have lunch together is also fine with me,just don't piss me off........

Less than 26 hours to freedom...ZZzzZZzzzzzzzz

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