Monday, September 10, 2007

From Wretch to Blogspot

Hi guys,sorry for the changing as it may cause you (my friend) who linked me to edit the link again.Sorry for any incovenience.

First,I have to say sorry to Mapo first b'coz i decide to use blogspot instead of wretch.Don't be sad ya,I am not betraying you,it is just that I decide to learn more about the HTML code where blogspot can provide me the stage.I trully appreciate as you are the one who bring me into this Bloggers world.

Second,you guys must teach me all the configuration thing and all those knowledge you have learned from your blogging experience ya.hehe

Third,please slap me or scold me b'coz this time I should be doing the presentation slide for my FYP presentation but I came to blogspot. ~slap~slap~

Ok la,I really need to finish up my presentation slide.If I can make it by tonight,then may be I will update on something that happen yesterday.~Bless me~

Oh ya,for the last thing,wish Ah Jian Happy Birthday ya.

1 comment:

mapo said...

haha..siao mer..wat betray me la?
i m happy as long as u continue writing blog..hehe..
go do ur slides la..