Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Japan Open Super Series 2007

As you all know, I am a superfan of badminton games.The Japan Open Super Series 2007 is on the heat now.The tournament start on yesterday and today is the second day of the tournament,which also means the start of Round 1 as the first day is for the preliminary round.

Since the Indian Open which suppose held during 4 September was postponed,hence,the Japan Opne Super Series will be the first international game after the disappointed World Badminton Championship Tournament which hosts by Malaysia.Once again,Malaysia's player is having hard luck for the draw where Lee Chong Wei will play against Hafiz Hashim in the first round,while the veteran player Wong Choong Hann will face the ex-world No.1 Peter Gade from Denmark.The same thing happens to Malaysian pairs where Koo Kian Kiat & Tan Boon Heong will play against Tan Bin Shen & Ong Soon Hock which are also from Malaysia.

Malaysia No.1 Men Single, Lee Chong Wei

The latest result after the Round 1 match from the Super Series 2007,the Malaysia No.1 Men Single Lee Chong Wei defeats Hafiz Hashim with 22-20,21-8.Besides,Roslin Hashim and Yeoh Kay Bin also successfully proceed to Round 2 while the veteran Wong Choong Hann was defeated by the ex-world No.1 Peter Gade with both set 15-21,15-21.For men's double,there are only two pairs forward to Round 2.It is sadly to say that there are only two pairs make it to Round 2 while Malaysia have 6 pairs fighting in Round 1.For the result of the women's event,You may check it through the above link.

Hopefully,the Malaysian representatives may achieve better result than just always disappointing us.I trully hope that Koo Kian Kiat & Tan Boon Heong would achieve to the final.This Japan Open means a lot to them.For your information,the Japan Open 2006 is their first international tournament since they were paired up together and they successfully go through to the final round during the Japan Open 2006 but end up getting the Silver Medal.This is why I trully hope that they will be the gold medalist for this year Japan Open.

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