Friday, September 14, 2007

First tag from Yung

Since currently feel so lazy to do the assignment,all right,do the first tag from Yung lor,else later he say I no give face then I will be in big trouble since his partner(TMSC) is my housemate.Before I start this tag,I have to declare this is just a tag,don't take it so serius.
Okay,let's start!!

—————————————– Start of tag —————————————–
Name 10 friends from the opposite sex.

(since friends is needed,so I wouldn't include my gf in the list)

1.Ser Fang
2.Chia Chin
3.Wan Ling
4.Yun Hong
5.Zhi Yeo
6.Yun Xuan
8.Sze Ming
10.Rhui Yong

Would you rather party with 1 or 7 ?
1.Ser Fang or 7.Mapo--1.Ser Fang loo,she is my best friend sorry..hehe

Marry 2 or 6 ?
2.Chia Chin or 6.Yun Xuan--2.Chia Chin,she is the first girl that I wan tackle..haha

Kill 3 or 8 ?
3.Wan Ling or 8.Sze Ming--neither since they are so nice

Date 9 or 10 ?
9.Ivy or 10.Rhui Yong--10.Rhui Yong qua,Ivy is just too unreachable..haha

Make out with 4 or 7 ?
4.Yun Hong or 7.Mapo--both also too hard for me la

Cuddle with 6 or 8 ?
6.Yun Xuan or 8.Sze Ming--arghh..cannot also since both also have bf

Have kids with 4 or 5 ?
4.Yun Hong or 5.Zhi Yeo--4.Yun Hong,She has pretty gene,suppose will have superb looking kid,nowaday,not cute,not pretty or not handsome really hard to find job hor

Live with 1 or 9 ?
1.Ser Fang or 9.Ivy--1.Ser Fang,b'coz we have better understanding toward each other

Be stuck on an island with 2 or 5 ?
2.Chia Chin or 5.Zhi Yeo--2.Chia Chin,what a great chance to stay alone with her.

Trade lives with 8 or 10 ?
8.Sze Ming or 10.Rhui Yong--8.Sze Ming qua..she always can travel to outstation and I grow up till now still don't have chance to go foreign ler.

Wake up next to 4 or 9 ?
4.Yun Hong or 9.Ivy--4.Yun Hong,she have sweet smile that you willing to see when u wake up(Hopefully her bf is not reading this

Completely disown 3 or 7 ?
3.Wan Ling or 7.Mapo--neither since both of them are very nice

Eyes ?
1.Ser Fang--her eyes can talk

4.Yun Hong--as I mention she has a sweet smile

Face ?
2.Chia Chin--innocent yet pretty face

Body ?
1.Ser Fang--the result of the gymnastic since primary school

Abs ?
none--all in the list is very lady type

1.Ser Fang--same reason as above

Style ?
all have different style wor..

Has 3 ever hurt you ?
3.Wan Ling--yes,but I already forget about that

Have you ever hurt 4 ?
4.Yun Hong--not dare,later her bf come to find me

Who’s the funniest ?
7.Mapo--always do something embarassing to cheer us up

Can you beat up 8 ?
8.Sze Ming--cannot la..she so weak,later I have to stay in jail

When was the last time you saw 9 ?
9.Ivy--forgot,if she in the class and I also in the class then thats the last time I saw her lo

Who’s the smartest
6.Yun Xuan--I think she is the smartest among them

How long have you known 2 ?
2.Chia Chin--Thats really long time d,since when I form 2,erm..around 8 or 9 years i think

What would you do if 1 and 6 started fighting ?
1.Ser Fang,6.Yun Xuan--hmm,I have to help my best friend of coz,but better dun fight la hor.

Who is dating 6/crushing on ?
6.Yun Xuan--haha..needless to say,sure is her bf la

Does 7 smell good ?
7.Mapo--haha,she is using Giorgio Armani perfume dare I say smell not good

Who will you still be talking to in 15 years ?
Same to everyone,If can,of cause is every one lor..

—————————————– End of tag —————————————–
At last,reach the end of the tag.People who reading this don't be so serious,okay!I am just required to answer this question,no choice as well.And this is the happy part.

Below is the ppl that I want to tag.
1.Mapo(as you wish)
2.Chun Keat(my first tag to you,give you chance to update blog ya)
3.Jiun Kei(I know you got blog,try do this)
4.who ever feel free just do the tag.


zming said...

lol...wat u said about me is so funny...
wat do u mean i'm so wear??

kimfei said... weak,not wear
by the way which part funny though?

zming said...

haha...when you said i always go travel lo..hah

kimfei said...

but then thats really true wat..hehe..I different oo..parents go travel i need to take care of the shop,cannot follow de oo