Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Birthday Celebration with my Dear

First of all,I would like to say thank for all the birthday wishes from my friends,my coursemates,my Group-6 members and my net's friend.This 22 years old birthday will be an unforgettable one till now.Want to know why?Please proceed to the rest of this post then you will know why.

Last night,about 8 something,I just head to Emerald Park to fetch my girlfriend for dinner since she is on duty for the aerobics session till 7.Then you know la,girls always take time to make up.So here is the pretty look of my girlfriend.I think majority of you guys havent have the chance to meet my girlfriend yet.Here she is,her name is Evon,and please call her Evon if you have chance to meet her because she always complain that my friends calling her as "Fei Sou"(in cantonese) and she really don't like the call.

My dear,Evon.

Actually I didn't plan where to go for the celebration.So,my girlfriend suggest to go Asian Havana.We reached there around 8.45pm.The environment and the feel is nice since there are only a few tables are served.It is not crowded as compared to weekend.Then we make our order.My girlfriend order the English style Fish n Chips and a cup of Ice Blended with Chocolate flavor and I prefer the Chicken Gordon Bleu together with the Purple Storm as drink.Actually,I never try the Purple Storm before,I had tried on the Double Berry and it taste nice.Without waiting for long time,the foods and drinks are served.

Purple Storm(Good choice for those Berry's lover)

The Choco Ice Blended

English Style Fish n Chips

Chicken Gordon Bleu(my favourite)

While eating,my girlfriend keep tell me to eat faster because she feels very cold and tell me that she not really feeling well since the class in the afternoon.After the meals,we are going back to my house b'coz she is not feeling well.You know what,she is in high fever,i think her body heat can boiled the egg already and yet she still order the fish n chips set which is all fried food.(I don't know she is in high fever before she order the food.)I wondering how she gonna take care of herself when I am going for industrial training.

So,my birthday count down end up in my room with my girlfriend sick on the bed.And the whole night I am not sleep well to take care of her.Luckily,this morning she is feeling better already but I still urge her to see the doctor b'coz her body temperature still quite high.Hopefully she can recover faster and should learn how to take care of herself.I should train her to be more independant indeed.

Now you know la,what an unforgettable 22nd birthday for me!


adyla said...

wrong timing drop at ur page lor...
nicety nice food...
wish ya happy happy bday...
make all your wish come true..
and i wish u health,wealth, happiness and success..
ur gf love u ma.. thats y she act like that...
whatla u that also dont know ha?? XD

kimfei said...

well,i think nobody will check his gf body temperature everytime they went out qua..

mapo said... tat oso romantic enuf la..

Jian said...

happy birthday kimfei ^^
by the way, wish your gf faster recover .. :) like me.. hehehe

生番薯 said...

erm...romantic post but my bulu all stand up...:P evon so nice got such a good bf...