Saturday, September 15, 2007

Today is the Day

Latest Update(12.39PM,12 Sept 2007)
Yes,today is definitely Lee Chong Wei's day.He won the match against Lin Dan with straight set 21-19,21-15,and definitely I am watching the match and I saw Lin Dan face full with disappoinment.Lee Chong Wei will meet Taufik Hidayat in the final.

Today will be the semifinal round for Japan Open Super Series 2007.As I mention that day,Malaysia left the only Men's Single Lee Chong Wei who survive from the Round 2 and also the quarter final where he defeats China Single's Chen Jin in straight set with world class performance,21-7,21-16.

Today,is a big day to Lee Chong Wei because he is going to face Lin Dan,the China World Ranking No.1,and also the top seed of this tournament.This match will be the tough one for Lee Chong Wei eventhough he beat Lin Dan recently during the Sudirman Cup but still Lin Dan is always a giant to play against.Hopefully our country representative can perform in his best to beat Lin Dan.

Come on guys,let make a guess on the result between this two players,Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan??Who will be the winner??Personally i prefer Lee Chong Wei proceed to the final because the high potential finalist will be Taufik Hidayat from Indonesian which will play against his teamate,Simon Santoso in another semifinal match.Hopefully this will be another classic final in the Japan Open Super Series 2007.As a Malaysian,I really hope that we can see this face again after the few months ago Sudirman Cup tournament.

Disappointed after the defeat by Lee Chong Wei during the Sudirman Cup 2007

Let's pray for Lee Chong Wei.No offense to those Lin Dan's supporter, okay!You are free to comment too.I will update the latest result,so, stay tune!

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