Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Gathering of Teletubbies @TGIF

As what I mentioned from my previous post, we did have a gathering for the tele gangz at TGIF, The curve. One of the main reason for this gathering is because we got some special one coming all the way from Penang, and another much more special one who is a boss,is coming all the way from Bangladesh.All right, the boss is not from Bangladesh, he is just back from business trip.

All right, just to cut it short so that I can enjoy my lovely weekend in Segamat,here are some of the photo taken during the gathering..Yupe, all these are super outdated post and you might already saw these from others blog but these will help my blog to survive for another week...hahaha..Currently I am still very busy for my job as I am handling a project by it is a bit stressful for me as there isn't anybody back me...

So, as usual, some of the food's photo, then some photos of the teletubbies..






With the special guests..


With Mapo who still can see her quite often..


With Ser..


Thinking of when is our next gathering..


The group photo..


So, anybody have interest to organise some outing, or may be some hiking session at nearby area during the coming weekend??I am definitely gonna fully utilize my lovely weekend for some activities rather than whole day stay at series..So if any of you is organise something..pls invite me....

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