Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Enjoy! Do you?

Its Saturday,another weekend but this one is a bit special because it marks the start of my Midterm Break which last for one weeks.Today,I am really delight by the wheather,the sky is so blue,the cloud is so white and I just love it,do you?

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On the way to Segamat,My Hometown!

Many of my coursemates are not going back to their hometown and they choose to stay because they want to complete their Final Year Project when the midterm end.Actually I am facing the same situation as well but I choose to go home,I really hope that I manage to finish my project within the coming week.You must be wondering why I still going home as this is such a critical moment for a final year student.

Now I gonna tell you why,when I back to my hometown,when I back at home,I can see blue sky,I can see white cloud and the most important part is I won't be bother by the fuxxking renovation contractor which doing their job early in the morning.

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View from my house

Besides,back at home,I no need eat outside food,and I even have home plant longan at my house then why I want to stay at Melaka to make myself suffer.

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The Longan Wannabe

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The big sweet longan!!

Hopefully,I manage to force myself to do my FYP,I manage to come out with my program in the end of the break.So,bless me,in such good environment,I am gonna fully concerntrate on my task...Come on..I can make it,AfriKim is gonna turn the impossible to the possible way~~


leo said...

haha..i tot u not goin back oso geh?
let's work hard together lor..
gambatte neh!

jijitankyy said...

Ya,same thing happen to my coursemates.most of them stay, but i choose to go back as well.
Really need to put more effort from now on.Goodluck

Napaboaniya said...

Wah! I've never seen longans with that nice redish shade on the skin before. Looks juicy :P

kimfei said...

@leo,at last decide to come back home better qua..

@jijitankyy,haha...good luck to you too

@napaboaniya,i also dunno wat type of langan is this..but its tree size is consider the tiny type..hehe...its sweet and very juicy..keke